Pick up presents and fine tune your festive dining at SG’s best Christmas markets

Pick up presents and fine tune your festive dining at SG’s best Christmas markets

The festive season is upon us and those of you who don’t have Christmas markets in Singapore on your bucket list are going to miss out. Not only are these markets a great way to get into the festive spirit but they also allow you to treat yourself to some of the great dishes that are only available at this time of year. So prepare yourself to learn more about the tasty morsels that are going to be finding their way into your mouth this Christmas.

Jingle all the way

Although Christmas markets in Singapore are a fairly recent addition to Singaporean culture, there is no doubt that they are one of the most popular activities to take part in once Christmas rolls around. People who visit these types of markets can expect a number of different attractions. Not only do you have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas carols but you can also buy ornaments for your tree and presents for the special people in your life. However, the heart of these markets has got to be the food.

  • Christmas cake: You simply cannot visit Christmas markets in Singapore without buying a Christmas cake for your family. This is a type of cake made with an enriched dough and copious amounts of dried fruits. Once cooked, the cake is doused liberally in brandy. This continues for weeks until it’s finally eaten on Christmas Eve. If you’re not a fan of the traditional Christmas cake you can pick up some stollen, a German fruit cake filled with marzipan.
  • Gluhwein: Although this isn’t something you can eat, a single whiff of this alcoholic treat gets you into the Christmas spirit in an instant. It’s a drink made by boiling wine with fruit, sugar and spices. It is usually consumed warm, which is ideal for giving you a glow on a brisk evening. Enjoy your mug of gluhwein with a warm bread roll for the ultimate comfort food experience.
  • Smoked Ham: Nothing screams festivity as loudly as a slice of smoked ham. This savoury dish is made from smoked pork cooked in a sweet braise. It is typically served as a festive meal and you may find it garnished with shiny green and red glace cherries. Remember to pick up a ham at your nearest Christmas markets in Singapore, pop it into the oven and treat your family to a meal they’ll not soon forget. Prepare crispy roast potatoes and steamed veggies with your meat. But if you’re not a confident chef, why not book a table at your nearest restaurant?

Get into the festive spirit

After you’ve treated yourself to all the delicacies at Christmas markets in Singapore, order the ingredients you need from your local grocery store to recreate these dishes at home. Don’t forget to order your Christmas cake from a bakery ahead of time so you can nurture it until the big day.

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