Places no one told you that you had to apply sunscreen to

Places no one told you that you had to apply sunscreen to

We all know that sun damage is one of the worse things you can subject your skin too. It causes aging, pigmentation and you might even get skin cancer.

However, even those of us who apply sunscreen or sunblock on a regular basis might miss out these body parts.

1 Your Scalp

Your Scalp | foodpanda Magazine

Let me start from the top (literally). Your scalp is at the top of your head and most exposed to the sun rays. Unless you have extremely dense and thick hair, your hair is probably not enough to fully protect the skin on your scalp from the harmful UV.

If you are out in the sun for long hours, do wear a hat or apply sunscreen on your scalp. Regular sunscreen might make your hair too greasy or goopy so you can consider powder sunblock or sun protection in capsule forms.

2 Your Ears

Your Ears | foodpanda Magazine

A 2007 study from the Skin Cancer Foundation listed ears as the third most frequent location for skin cancers!

Apply to the nooks and crannies of your ears when you apply your facial sunscreen then work it all the way to your neck (both front and back).

3 Your Eyelids

Your Eyelids | foodpanda Magazine

The skin on your eyelids are the thinnest on your face and the easiest to get sun damage. Yet, people do forget to lather some on the lids as they apply their sunscreen with their eyes opened.

I normally try to wear sunglasses and apply eye moisturizers that come with SPF protection for my lids.

4 Your Lips

Your Lips | foodpanda Magazine

Although the lips doesn’t really get suntanned, you could cause it to be dry and flakey. Skin cancers of the lip most frequently occur in fair-skinned men older than age 50. The lower lip is about 12 times more likely to be affected, owing to its greater exposure to sunlight.

Unfortunately, I’m really forgetful about reaplying my lip balm with SPF protection after eating or drinking.

5 The Tops Of Your Feet

The Tops Of Your Feet | foodpanda Magazine

While thick layer of dead skin cells protect the soles of our feet against the sun’s ultraviolet light, the tops of your feet faces the sun directly when we’re wearing flip-flops and other skin-baring shoes.

That makes this area especially vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Apply sunscreen to avoid those ugly flip flop tan lines! Hope this article helps to remind you about those sneaky places that you would tend to forget to apply sunscreen on!

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