Sandwiches that span the world: Our impressions of Subway Singapore

Sandwiches that span the world: Our impressions of Subway Singapore

It may not be common knowledge – but Subway is the largest fast-food franchise in the world. It has 44,000 franchises across the globe and 26,000 in the United States alone. Although there has been some consolidation in the past few years it is still a fast-food behemoth. For those in search of a quick and healthy meal (and who want to avoid the perils of deep-frying), it remains the ‘go-to’ option for fresh food and great choice.

However – what really set Subway on the path to success?

The franchise aimed to provide those in search of choice with a restaurant that they could visit simply anywhere. That led to enormous growth and now sees it present in countries across the globe. But what about that choice – are the sandwiches delicious, as well as being healthy and nutritious?

Great Choice – Have it your Way at Subway

One of the attractions at this sandwich giant is the fact that patrons can really step up their game when it comes to personal choice. The average sandwich may feature a base of meats, poultry or vegetables – but from there on, the choice of sauces and other toppings allows for the creation of a sandwich that matches the unique tastes of the individual. It also represents exceptional value – the footlong is a substantial meal – and it comes in at a great price point.

So what’s the best that the chain has to offer?

The customer’s taste is entirely subjective. However, there have been sandwiches that have become favourites – and many have become almost iconic thanks to the power of social media – and many food bloggers.  Some of the best include the ‘Spicy Italian’ with its base of pepperoni and salami, the Italian  B.M.T. with Genoa salami, pepperoni and Black Forest Ham.  Honourable mention must go to the Tuna and the Subway Club. However – there is simply so much choice that it really is up to the individual to construct that perfect sandwich.

Sandwiches without the wait

Subway remains incredibly popular across the world – and Singapore is no exception.  The good news for the Singapore consumer is that popular food delivery service foodpanda now makes it easier than ever to enjoy great, healthy subs (and some other offerings as well).  Speaking of delicious and nutritious, for those who are watching their weight on the Little Red Dot the Turkey sub is a great choice.

How to Enjoy Great Delivery Options

Getting your hands on your Subway meal is as simple as navigating over to https://www.foodpanda.sg/ch. You’ll be able to find the Subway nearest you, view the menu – and avoid the lines. It’s simple, it’s quick – and the result is undeniably delicious.  Enjoy a sandwich that has been sculpted to delight your tastebuds and indulge in a little Subway love today.

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