Should you dine at your desk? The pros and cons of workplace lunching

Should you dine at your desk? The pros and cons of workplace lunching

Life is more rushed now than it has ever been before so it’s tempting to eat whenever you get the opportunity but the real question is, is a lunch break at your desk… good or bad? Before you make a decision, review our list of advantages and disadvantages associated with a meal behind your computer screen.

Pro – It could help you save time

Anyone who has ever worked in an office will know just how tempting it is to eat on the run. However, is a  lunch break at your desk… good or bad? If you are running short on time, it could be one of the best things you could ever do. Instead of heading out to a fast-food restaurant and waiting for your meal to be prepared, you can stay where you are and eat your meal. Once you’re done, you can get straight back to your job without worrying about running late.

Con – A desk lunch rules out conscious eating

It’s common to find that individuals who eat lunch at their desks are not really thinking about the food that they are eating. Instead, they are mindlessly shoving highly calorific and unhealthy foods into their mouths. There are many things that you can do to stay mindful when you eat. Switch off your computer for the time that you are eating and focus on being thankful for having the opportunity to fill your body with healthy food.

Pro – Your diet will improve significantly

There are many crucial aspects to take into consideration when thinking about a lunch break at your desk… good or bad? However, the most important is the planning involved in making your own desk lunches. When you give a little more thought to the preparation of your food, it is far more likely that you will include healthy foods in your diet. You won’t be faced with the temptation of adding an extra cupcake to your order before you pay. This is great news for those of you who are leading a healthy lifestyle.

Con – Things could get messy

It is essential to take the level of cleanliness of your desk into consideration when trying to decide on a workstation lunch break. Once you bring food into the picture things are bound to get a little unhygienic. If you are not able to face the idea of having crumbs on your keyboard, a desk lunch may not be for you. However, with a little planning, this does not need to be an issue.

Pro – You’ll save money

The final benefit of bringing your own lunch to work is all the money that you won’t be spending. Buying your own groceries is considerably cheaper than eating a meal at a restaurant every day. You also won’t have the temptation to add unnecessary treats to your order.

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