Simple and warming – is curry ginger soup the perfect winter starter?

Simple and warming – is curry ginger soup the perfect winter starter?

If you are dieting or just a lover of soups, curry ginger soup is one delicacy you’ll want to try. The fact that this delicious soup is easy to prepare makes it even more enticing. You can also order this treat in many of the restaurants in Singapore, so let this article be your guide on how to do so. Read on.

What Makes Curry Ginger Soup Exciting?

Perhaps the most significant aspect of curry ginger soup is the many health benefits that can be derived from this yummy delicacy. Owing to the ingredients used in its preparation, such as ginger and turmeric, savouring this soup is one of the best ways to boost your body’s immune system. The soup is also touted by many food experts as an effective way of protecting the body against cancer. It also works well in aiding digestion and preventing inflammation of the stomach.

Soups have a deeply entrenched history among Singaporeans and curry ginger is one such soup delicacy that has been prepared since time immemorial. You will find many Singaporeans knowledgeable in the preparation of this tasty delicacy, having grown up eating it or seeing it being prepared at home.

How is Curry Ginger prepared?

In many homes and restaurants, the recipe for making curry ginger soup will be the same. However, you will find distinctive ways of preparing it in some of the eateries on the island. Many restaurants prepare it alongside some carrot soup. Others include a cooked potato as part of the delicacy. A common recipe that includes coconut oil involves melting the oil for about eight minutes then adding some onions before seasoning with salt. The ginger and garlic are then added to this mixture and left to cook for about two more minutes. Once satisfied with how it looks, some carrot and curry powder can then be added. This is left to simmer for about ten more minutes. Transfer the broth to a blender, add some coconut milk, and blend to the desired thickness. The soup is then ready to serve.

Curry ginger soup can be served as a dessert after meals or you can pair it with some fresh lime wedges. Some people serve it with rice although this is not recommended since it tends to impair the rich taste of the soup itself.

Final Thoughts

Curry ginger soup is one of the most delicious soups that you can enjoy while in Singapore. We understand that it’s not always easy to make this delicacy at home and therefore recommend the Balestier Bak Kut Teh or the Umisushi restaurant. They make some of the best soups in Singapore.

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