Simple to make and super-healthy: Introducing cream corn

Simple to make and super-healthy: Introducing cream corn

Deliciously sweet, smooth, and soupy, cream corn is a great warmer on a winter day. Can’t quite see the appeal? Read on and your belly will soon be rumbling!

A creamy American favourite

Cream corn is one of the United States’ favourite comfort dishes. This cosy meal is most popular in the American South and Midwest, but it first originated in Native American cuisine long ago. Corn, also known as maize, has always been one of the staple foods of indigenous Americans. As such, it features heavily in their traditional dishes. Succotash (a mixture of beans and corn) and cornbread (made from ground maize) are just two popular corn-based meals that came from native society.

One of the most surprising things about cream corn is that, despite the name, it doesn’t traditionally contain cream or even milk. In original recipes, the creamy texture comes from partial pureeing and a roux made from flour. Nowadays, however, most home cooks like to add heavy cream to their recipes for an even smoother mouth feel and richer taste. The great thing about dairy being optional is that it makes the dish suitable for vegans.

How to enjoy cream corn

Many chefs choose to make this dish using freshly boiled or steamed corn, but canned and frozen kernels also work surprisingly well. Once the corn is ready, it’s cooked in a skillet with butter, flavourings like sugar and salt, and the optional addition of cream. Finally, part of the mixture is blended with a hand mixer, creating a deliciously soupy consistence that warms and fills the tummy.

Like all the best dishes, cream corn can be adapted to suit different tastes. Some chefs, for example, cook the corn with onions too, while others add grated Italian cheese to the final dish. In the United States, this dish is usually served as a side with beef, fried chicken, potatoes, and even seafood like shrimp. However, if you love the taste, you can also eat it as a starter or even just a filling snack.

Where to get it delivered

In the US, this dish is so commonplace that you can even find it ready prepared and canned in supermarkets across the country. Of course, nothing beats the flavour of fresh cream corn.

Carvers X does a wonderful cream corn, along with a variety of seafood and steaks you can pair it with. Similarly, at Molten Diners, all beef and lamb dishes are served with cream corn along with other all-American sides like mac & cheese and curly fries.

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