Singapore food festival: Where people meet food

Singapore food festival: Where people meet food

The week-long Singapore Food Festival started back in 1994 and it is organized annually by the Singapore Tourism Board. The famous festival aims at celebrating local foods that portray Singapore as a country rich with food diversity.

The popularity of the event is drawn from the multicultural heritage of Singapore and there is a range of diverse food options on offer.
STREAT is the main event of the Singapore Food Festival where you can taste a range of Singapore’s favorite dishes as well as a twist on some modern favorites. Entry to STREAT is free and patrons need only pay for the food they purchase.

Fancy a slice of nostalgia? The ’50 Cents Fest!’ at Chinatown Food Street and ‘One Farrer’s Food Street’ are throwbacks to a history Singaporean food and its timeless local delights. You will also find a number of top international chefs who come to this event to show their skills. There are also cooking lessons available where you can pick up some cooking tips and tricks from those in the know! This delicious event has never disappointed the visitors who go there in search of some great dishes and cuisines. 

This Singapore Food Festival not only features the traditional food items but presents a wider range by covering Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan cuisines in its periphery. All the foodies flock to the customary tasting sessions that run in tandem with food carnivals. Be prepared to get pleasantly surprised as you might see some discounts and concessions on your favorite cuisine in Singapore Food Festival. Creative and talented chefs from all over the world host many culinary workshops in Singapore Food Festival that is sure to enhance your existing cooking skills. Collect some brownie points from your guests by applying some of the tips that you got in one of those.

The popularity of the Singapore Food Festival is on the go. The 354,000 people who visited in Singapore Food Festival last year is a burning proof of that. And the number is still growing. So put an ear to the bells that have started ringing down somewhere your belly.

With the rise in the number of days approaching the food festival, let’s look at some of our picked meals curated to keep the food festival spirit high in Singapore and around the world.


This Mughal inspired Indian dish is one of the finest man-made creation ever if you are a foodie. This is a complete meal on its own with the flavorful rice (preferably basmati) mixed with whole spices to give a burst of aroma and a rich in flavor meat to accompany the rice when mixed. Served with cucumber and onion and sometimes with yogurt mixed with thinly sliced cucumber and onion called raita, this fills your taste buds with such immense richness that you are bound to ask for more.

Credits: Rajesh TP

Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow is another signature Singapore noodle dish made with flat rice noodles with sweet dark sauce. Stir-fried with egg, pork lard, Chinese sausages, and fish cake, Char Kway Teow was intentionally made to be loaded in fats because laborers in the past needed a cheap source of energy and what better way than to get that from one fatty meal.

Cockles are also usually added, as there was plenty of it in Singapore’s port island. A Penang Char Kway Teow variation exists as well, using chives and prawns and lacks the sweetness that is distinctive of Singapore-style Char Kway Teow.

Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8885313

Fish Head Steamboat

Being an island port, Singapore used to have many fishermen who would bring their fresh unsold catch to be sold as dishes instead. Teochew Fish Head Steamboat is another result of our geographic situation.

The soup typically contains a controlled mix of fried yam, sour plums, fried fish bones and vegetables which add flavor to the soup. Raw fish slices are added in later. Grouper, red snapper or pomfret are the usual choices available in Fish Head Steamboat.

Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat
Photo courtesy: Kars Alfrink

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