Street Views: Haji Lane

Street Views: Haji Lane

Getting its name from the hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, Haji Lane used to be a stopover for travellers along the way. Today, the street is just as popular with bars, restaurants, and unique boutiques. We talked to the Haji locals to know more.

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David, 30, has been exploring the area for 18 months

Q: What do you like about this area in general?

It’s central with lot’s of nice restaurants and cafes – and it’s very close to my office as well.

Q: What are your favourite bars and cafes here?

My favourite bar around here would probably be BluJaz. I also like the café here at the corner – right in the middle of Haji Lane. The Japanese bar (KOI) next to the Mexican restaurant is also very good, as it has a very good atmosphere and nice music. Those are all very good for beer, but there is also a cocktail bar called Bar Stories. It is easy to go from bar to bar, as everything is so close together.

Q: What is your favourite place for food and what do you normally order?

Piedra Negra offers reasonably priced food and is close to my office, making it a good place for me to go. Just around the corner is also Beirut, offering fine Middle Eastern food. It’s a nice place to go with clients.

Q: Why would you recommend the neighbourhood?

I think it might be a little bit of an underrated area, as there are a lot of hidden cafes that lot of people don’t know about. Or I don’t even know about it.

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Hanafi, 27, chef, has come to Haji Lane for many years

Q: What do you like about this area in general?

This neighbourhood is full of vibes. There are a lot of people from different cultures coming together in just a few streets. You can also see many street art paintings. Although it is the Arab area, you can find so many different cuisines. Once you step onto these streets, you will see how colourful the culture is around here.

Q: What is your favourite place to eat? What do you normally order?

I like best the Mexican restaurant just here (Piedra Negra). Their entire menu is full of good choices, so it’s sometimes even hard to select just one dish. As I am myself a chef, I like to try many different kinds of cuisines. But Mexican food is still one of my favourites. It inspires me to come up with my own creations and recipes.

Q: What else do you find interesting about the neighbourhood?

The entire stretch of Haji Lane is filled with choices. No matter what you like, there will be something for you. Sometimes you don’t even know which restaurant to choose, as there are so many choices.


Rica, 30, retail assistant, worked in the area for 4 years
Intan, 29, retail assistant, worked in the area for 1.5 years

Q: What do you like about this area in general?

The neighbours around here are very friendly and helpful. Even though some shops might be competitors, they still help each other. If we don’t have a particular material in our shop, we will recommend customers where to go.

Q: What is your favourite food around in Haji Lane? What do you normally order?

We really like My Turkish Corner on Arab Street. They have nice local food and serve coffee the way we like to drink it. My favourite is simply coffee with ice. They also serve very good nasi lemak. As there are many options in the area, you don’t have to eat every day at the same place. I also like to eat good Indian food, such as butter chicken. Another good place to eat is Al-Tasneem on North Bridge Road. The taste of the food is just better than anywhere else.

Q: What is the best part about the neighbourhood?

You can get many traditional things around here – ranging from food to fabrics.

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Amirah, 30, team coordinator in intellectual property, has been exploring the neighbourhood for many years

Q: What do you like about this area in general?

There is a big variety of food. You can get local food as well as good Western restaurants. I also like that the area is more chilled than for example Clarke Quay. Over there it’s more about clubbing and partying. Here you can just relax and can easily get a place to sit at any time.

Q: What is your favourite food around Haji Lane? What do you normally order?

I have tried the Mad Sailors as well as the Kapong Glam Café. The latter has good coffee, food, and is not overpriced. It’s a nice place to have coffee or teh-o. I really like to eat the nasi sambal goreng – it’s the bomb. To me it’s really good, maybe because it’s made with love. It’s not pricy and simply good food. The best thing is that you also can get many halal options.

Q: Why would you recommend Haji Lane?

If you are a tourist on a budget visiting Singapore, then you maybe want to stay around here, as there are many cheap hostels. There are also a lot of people to mingle with.

Haji Lane 09 - Fion - CopyJPG

Fion, 30, hairdresser, working for 3 years on Haji Lane

Q: What do you like about this area in general?

This area is famous for food and shopping. Both are really great. I like that it is not like a shopping mall here. The shops are quite special.

Q: Do you like any bars or cafes around here?

I like the BluJaz Café, but there is also a juice bar in the end of Haji Lane. Their juices are really fresh and tasty – perfect for a hot day.

Q: What is your favourite food around Haji Lane? What do you normally order?

I don’t have a favourite, as I like to try different places. One of my favourite dishes though is pasta.

Q: Why would you recommend Haji Lane?

I think it is quite unique. Most people always go to shopping malls, but here in Haji Lane you can find many interesting things you won’t see anywhere else. If you are looking for something special, you should definitely come here.

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