The Best Log Cake – Taste Test

The Best Log Cake – Taste Test

A very Merry Christmas everyone! Guess who’s back with another blind taste test. Well, the foodpanda team of course. And this time, we have a special edition for you – the Christmas Log Cake championship. What dessert is more appropriate for this time of year? The log cake or Yule Log has been served at Christmas time since the 19th century, originally in Belgium and France, but later all around the world.

A few of our partner restaurants have kindly sent the foodpanda office some spectacular looking log cakes for our championship, including a colourful rainbow example and a very-Singaporean Durian fruit one. So, let’s get testing!

But wait. First, let’s set the criteria. What makes the perfect log cake? First, design. It’s got to be log-shaped for one thing. Taste is always important in any food, but in a cake this is even more important bearing in mind that nobody eats it for the healthiness or nutrition. The texture is vital – not too heavy, it should be light and fluffy. Finally, a creamy and delicious topping finishes the cake.
So, start the drum roll. Here are our competitors:


Located in the upmarket Ngee Ann City mall, this casual, modern eatery has earnt a reputation for innovative, immaculately-presented Thai cuisine with dishes including noodles and tasty crab. Whilst portion sizes are not the biggest, the food really makes up for it. Also on the menu (and of particular interest to us) is their wide range of delicious-looking desserts. Whilst the Red Velvet Lava Cake has been doing the rounds on social media, the rainbow log cake caught our eye (which is lucky, because that’s the one they sent us) with prices at around $10 a slice.

Haha ThaiRed Velvet Lava Cake | Source


Super stylish with reasonable prices, this Japanese bakery/coffee shop fusion place found in Clarke Quay boasts a range of stunning (almost so beautiful you’re afraid to eat them) cakes to go with their coffee, including creme puffs, eclairs, tarts and cakes. The light, Chiffron cake is especially well regarded by the Singapore desserting community. D&S have sent us a good-looking dark chocolate Christmas log for our compo.

Dulcet Singapore


We come to the specialist cake shop amongst our competitors. Emicakes is a popular chain with 8 locations around Singapore. It’s particularly famous and loved by Singaporeans for its Durian cakes and pancakes, which must be tried. Cakes are available by the slice if you go to one of their outlets and complete 15cm/20cm cakes available via foodpanda delivery. This not the cheapest place to get your sugar fix, with a cake setting you back anywhere from $31 for the Eggless Chocolate Mousse, to $115 for the signature Mao Shan Wang, but these really are some delicious cakes and as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. They’ve sent us 2 cakes for our test – the classic Durian and a pink creamy creation.

DurianDurian fruit | Source


This small chain of restaurants is not well known for its cakes – primarily serving comfort food like chicken, mashed potato and salad, alongside paninis, rolls and soups. However, among their offerings are a limited selection of cakes. Probably the best value of our cakeries here, but how will they hold up against the competition. The Rotisserie have contributed a well-balanced, milk chocolate log cake for the test.

The rotisserie

Watch the video for the results of our Log Cake championship:

So, slightly ambiguous results, but it looks as though Emicakes is the winner with either their Durian-flavoured Yule Log or the pink creamy one. Congratulations to Emicakes for creating cool variations of the Christmas classic.

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