The Brunch Movement

The Brunch Movement

If you are active on social media, you definitely must have seen by now the endless pictures of breakfast plates and coffees with fancy latte art (see above for reference). The days of “Wanna have lunch?” has shifted to “Shall we brunch?” Brunch in Singapore is convenient, no doubt. Did you sleep in and completely miss breakfast? No problem, just have breakfast for lunch – brunch.

Here are some notable appearances on Instagram every Saturday afternoon/evening.

1 | Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict

While tasty, we also believe that this very popular brunch meal has superpowers. For some reason, anyone who orders this MUST take a video or picture of the runny yolk to upload on Instagram.

2 | Avocado

avocado toast

It’s very common to see bread with an avocado spread or even sliced avocado plated nicely together. Many choose to add a poached or boiled egg on the top and finish off with salt and pepper. The more adventurous even sprinkle some grated cheese before serving. Avocado is one of those fruits where you either get it or you don’t. You can’t just be okay with the fruit – it’s love or hate.

3 | Toast/Bread

french toast

French toast has been around for ages, but hipsters can’t have anything too mainstream obviously. Thus the multiple variations of french toast – red velvet, s’mores, Nutella and cinnamon are just a few versions of the original.

4 | Pancakes with Bacon

bacon pancakes

Bacon used to be a side with scrambled eggs and toast, but is now a more popular choice with pancakes. Maple-coated bacon strips are often paired with fluffy pancakes or even sprinkled on top as a condiment of sorts. The combination of sweet and savory is usually a hit or miss, but this one is very much a hit.

5 | Cold Brews

cold brew

This is the latest play thing for coffee connoisseurs everywhere. Old-school mason jars are filled with black coffee and ice cubes to form a very cool and edgy looking ‘cold brew’. The milk infusing into the black coffee makes for the perfect art and is basically the ‘cold’ version of your usual latte art.

This is in fact just iced black coffee.

6 | Flat Whites

flat white

Don’t even ask us what a flat white is, all we know is that it’s coffee with a ton of milk. Which is a latte usually. But this one is named flat white for some reason. Yes we’re just as confused as you are.

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