The Lazy Person’s Guide To Cooking

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Cooking

You know it’s true – you’re constantly busy.  People might say you’re just ‘pretending’… Boo! You’re genuinely busy all the time. However you cannot ever, ever compromise on having a good meal. Here are some tips on how someone lazy-dazy can still whip up something awesome to eat.

1 | Glorified Instant Noodles

Singaporeans often look to instant noodles when we want a quick fix – but sometimes it can get a little ‘meh’. However there are a couple of ways when you can make your instant noodles taste like heaven.

How to do it

Dry with sauce. Pour out all the soup in the pot after cooking and sprinkle in bits of your favorite sauce. The usual one is ketchup, but you can also go for vinegar or soy sauce. Mix up your noodles with the sauces nicely and you have your awesome fix.

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Creamy & maybe even restaurant-worthy: Pick up a bottle of cream-based pasta sauce from the supermarket and heat it up! After separating the soup from the noodles, pour in generous amounts of the heated pasta sauce and enjoy.

Pasta delivery in Singapore

2 | Easy-Peasy Pizza

Pizza is an absolute love, but can be preparing the dough itself is simply too exhausting. So we skip the dough-making and slap on our favorite ingredients on sliced bread. It’s like having your own customized Pizza super easily. Tomatoes, olives, peppers… but don’t forget the cheese! Ooh, the cheese. *happy grin*

How to do it

Pop them into the microwave or oven and let the ingredients blend into a combination of your very own pizza-perfection.

Bruscetta in Singapore

3 | Your Fridge Cooks For You

Fridges are awesome. They hold your food, keep your dairy products fresh and now they can cook! What a time to be alive.

How to do it

Grab a container and pour in oats, yogurt and milk, and stir! Pop it into your beloved refrigerator and let it do its magic for the next 6 to 8 hours while you catch some winks, read a book, do a movie marathon. When it’s done, toss in the ingredients that you deem worthy, such as Nutella, strawberries, and bananas. Dig in!

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4 | foodpanda it

Enter the website or open the app, order and eat! The best way of ordering express food delivery – lazy style.

Till next time, cheers from the foodpanda team!

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