The Minute List: Tippling Club Restaurant and Bar Singapore

The Minute List: Tippling Club Restaurant and Bar Singapore

Combining passion, fun, and creativity, the Tippling Club shows that excellent dining can be experimental and casual. Offering the freshest possible produce in an original and imaginative manner, the dining experience brings together the best Singapore’s F&B scene has to offer.

Theatrical Dining

The Tippling Club | foodpanda Magazine

You really come to the Tippling Club for an experience. The food we serve is experimental, but exciting. It’s theatrical and something that epitomises Tippling,” says Ryan Clift, who is the executive head chef at the Tippling Club.

The atmosphere at the Tippling Club stands out. Although the restaurant is located in the busy and dining-heavy neighbourhood of Tanjong Pagar and Duxton, Tippling offers the best in both dining and cocktails. While the restaurant downstairs convinces with stylish charm and a casual environment, the upstairs cocktail bar translates creative ideas into crafty drinks.

The Tippling Club | foodpanda Magazine

The idea and the design of the restaurant was to bring a little bit of greenery into the CBD. We have chosen to use a lot of furnishings to be softer and a lot of wood. It just fuels a nice tranquil vibe.”

Although the restaurant is currently ranked 31st best in Asia, according to the Asia’s Best Restaurant Awards 2016, the Tippling Club maintains a very casual ambiance, making it a magnet for many different kinds of people.

Tippling Club: The Creative Way

Starting the day with picking herbs and seasonal offering from their own garden, the crew at the Tippling Club is inspired by natural produce. Using experimental cooking techniques and unusual tools to prepare ingredients, the kitchen crew, headed by star chef Ryan Clift, are passionate about what they do.

The Tippling Club | foodpanda Magazine

The food we cook here is extremely creative. We use some of the best ingredients we can get our hands on from around the world,” says Clift. Taking notes of every single step in the experimental process, the kitchen might seem more like a laboratory to the untrained eye. However, it is here where the real culinary innovation of the Tippling Club happens.

At Tippling Club, it’s all about fun

The main focus of the culinary experience is to have a lasting impact. How will the guests react to the ever-changing menu? What resonates with the customers? How can they be surprised? The kitchen crew asks all these questions on a daily basis – answering them with truly unique dishes.

The Tippling Club | foodpanda Magazine

It’s an evocative experience dining at the Tippling Club. It gets people at all different walks of life, acting very differently. It’s very interesting to watch people during the dining experience and seeing how different people react to different things. It’s fun – the whole idea of the Tippling Club is fun dining.”

The restaurant is an example for how the fun and passion in creating a unique dining experience can result in numerous awards for the restaurant as well as the head chef Ryan Clift. Besides all the recognition, the experience and joy of the customers remain the main inspiration behind the continuous experimentation at the Tippling Club.

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