The pearl of the breakfast world? Discover the joy of oyster omelettes

The pearl of the breakfast world? Discover the joy of oyster omelettes

Fluffy, eggy and delightfully flavoured, an oyster omelette may just become one of your new favourite breakfast foods. Get ready to learn more about this dish, how it is prepared and the best ways to enjoy it. Just don’t blame us if your mouth starts watering before you get the chance to order an omelette for yourself.

A unique take on surf ‘n’ turf

Originating in the Teowchew region in China, the oyster omelette is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in the region. However, it is just as common in Philipino and Singaporean cuisine. Depending on where you are in the world, you may find that this dish is eaten in the morning or late at night but really, it remains delicious no matter the time.

This oyster omelette, which is stuffed with tender and savoury oysters, is incredibly popular in Thailand. In fact, it is so popular there that most Thai people boast that they are the original inventors of this dish. The World Street Food Congress released a list of the most notable street foods in 2017 and this omelette with oysters was listed as one of the top three noteworthy street food dishes in Thailand. It is also a great addition to any foodies must-try oh-so-yummy dishes.

The finesse of cooking an omelette like this

When an oyster omelette is prepared on the street, the chef will typically begin by whisking a large number of eggs until they are completely scrambled. Then, some potato starch is added to the eggs. This helps to improve the flavour of the dish while also improving the texture. These eggs are then added to a hot pan that is lightly coated in oil. The eggs are cooked until they form a thin crust on the bottom with soft and slightly gooey curds on the top. Once this stage is reached, the oysters are added to the omelette and the eggs are folded gently over the top. This is then left to cook before being sliced into individual portions and topped with lime and chill.

There are a number of different variations on this dish. If you visit Thailand, it is common to find this dish prepared with briny mussels. Another popular variation of this dish is prepared with shrimp, which has a slightly sweet taste and a chewier texture.

Visit these restaurants for an omelette feast

You could order a few portions of oyster omelette for your family and serve it as a main dish on a busy evening. Simply serve this dish with some fluffy steamed rice and your favourite vegetables. You can try out this tasty dish by placing an order at My Kampung or Yong Sheng Fried Delights.

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