Food To Eat Before Drinking

Food To Eat Before Drinking

With the arrival of the much anticipated Halloween weekend, it’s time to prepare your bodies for what lies ahead.

Booze. And a lot of it. What follows after isn’t pretty, in fact it’s scarier than Halloween – it’s a hangover. A couple of posts ago, we wrote about the 6 best drinks to cure your hangover to try and ease the horrendous feeling of death. This time round, we’ll try the ‘prevention is better than cure’ angle. In order to combat the alcohol in your system, here is the ultimate guide to the food to eat before drinking. 

1 | Milk

Milk delivery

Down that glass of milk (no, not with Bailey’s, or not yet at least) to protect that stomach lining of yours before you destroy it with cold, hard liquor. Milk is also 90% water which is plenty enough to keep you hydrated throughout.

2 | Carbs

Pasta delivery

Carbs (pasta, rice, bread) has to be your best friend before any form of drinking takes place. Yes, it’s fattening but let’s get real, the liquid diet you have planned ahead for you isn’t exactly the healthiest for any part of your body. At least this way, your liver might thank you just a little.

3 | Chicken or Red Meat

Chicken delivery

Meat is equally as important, considering their high-protein content. This results in slower digestion, which allows for more substance in your body to absorb the liquor. This greatly slows down the rate of your blood alcohol level.

4 | Salmon

Salmon steak

Fish generally have loads of Omega 3’s, and salmon happens to have one of the highest amounts. These vitamins promote short-term memory and neurological function – in layman terms, it’ll help you walk straighter and make you remember exactly how you lost your wallet or phone when drunk.

5 | Eggs

Eggs benedict

The best food to eat before and after drinking. Prevents the hangover, cures the hangover. Eggs are magical. They have plenty of amino acids that help breakdown alcohol much faster to keep you lasting longer.

For Halloween 2015, indulge your senses by enjoying Singapore’s most popular cocktail drink with friends and loved ones. Originally named the “Singapore Gin Sling” upon creation in 1915, it’s tried and tested recipe is being reproduced by high-value bars and restaurants all across the globe. Inspiration for your next night out was kindly provided to us by our friends at Raffles Hotel.

foodpanda Singapore sling infographicProduced by Raffles Singapore

Article Written By buegl

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