Singapore’s Best: The 50 Hottest Food, Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers in 2016

Singapore’s Best: The 50 Hottest Food, Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers in 2016

A lot has been written about Singapore’s largest websites edited by the undisputed winners of the city’s booming internet scene. At the same time, reliable data on where to follow these rising literary stars still seems lacking. With that in mind, this post explores the 50 hottest Singapore bloggers across three major categories – Food, Travel and Lifestyle.

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Top Food Bloggers in Singapore

Food | foodpanda Magazine

1 Sharon Lam (Delishar)

What we love: A mother of two, Sharon never fails to amaze us thanks to her broad understanding of cooking. Across 7 (!) categories, recipes on the site cover everything you need for a leisurely day in the kitchen.

Why you should read it: We simply cannot get enough of her fantastic One Pot Italian Sausage Fusili. Well written, genuine restaurant review section.

Website address: delishar.com/


2 Dawn Chan (Berry Gin)


What we love: Presentation is everything on this blog: From properly curated posts to high-res imagery, Dawn knows how to retain readers.

Why you should read it: Check back regularly for restaurant promotions exclusively created for her large following.

Website address: berrygin.blogspot.sg/

3 Joyce Ang (Eat What Tonight)

Now if you have ever tried cooking your own laksa from scratch like I ever used to do, you would know that it's quite a laborious and time consuming task. So what would you do if you have that Laksa crave all of a sudden, needed a quick fix and Katong just seems too far away ?? Would a quality Laksa in instant form serves a good fit ? ~ Then it's time to INDULGE IN THE ALL NEW PREMIUM & AUTHENTIC STRAITS KITCHEN LAKSA FROM NISSIN IN THE MOST CONVENIENT ENTHRALLMENT ! And here’s how I re-infused this local delight in a quick fix, served alongside with fresh large prawns, Narutomaki (Japanese fish cake), some fishballs with egg roe and hard boiled eggs. ^-^ Read more about this new product >> www.eatwhattonight.com #nissinfoodssg #food #foodsg #foodporn #foodpornsg #eatwhattonight #foodreview #instantnoodles #laksa #singaporefood #instafood #foodinstagram #foodie #foodlife #foodies #foodphotography #foodiegram #foods #foodforfoodies

A photo posted by Eat What Tonight (@eatwhattonight) on

What we love: Awarded countless prizes, Joyce Ang’s Eat What Tonight is a must for your next recipe research. From 30-minute quick fixes to elaborate poultry and soup dishes, we guarantee this blog will leave you craving for more.

Why you should read it: We’re still crazy about the Valentine’s Agar Agar Jelly recipe editorial published in March last year. Who could resist?

Website address: eatwhattonight.com/

4 Geri Tan (Spring Tomorrow)

What we love: Deals, deals, deals – Singaporean food blogger Geri knows how to save a pretty penny with intricate restaurant suggestions, hawker reviews, and product freebies.

Why you should read it: Cheap doesn’t equal bad in Geri’s world, a mantra convincingly translated to other parts of her website. Follow her recipes for delicious, easy to make and affordable dish ideas!

Website address: springtomorrow.com

5 Damien Wong (Uncle Teh Peng)

Can finish 10 of these by myself.. But too bad I had to share! 😂

A photo posted by Damien Dominic Wong � 黄伟伦 (@uncletehpeng) on

What we love: Student Damien adores food, and makes no fuss about it. Beautiful imagery and honest restaurant reviews make reading Uncle Teh Peng more than a worthwhile experience.

Why you should read it: We doubt anyone in Singapore can trump the cakes Damien got served up for his 21st birthday!

6 Melody Ju (Miss Neverfull)

What we love: The fine dining restaurant reviews of this site simply can’t be beat. Interested in nutrition, Melody focuses on healthy food frequently and with enthusiasm. All reviews are 100% honest – and according to our sources,  paid for by the author herself. Take the day off to read reviews of all your favourite Singapore vendors based on cuisine and in alphabetical order.

Why you should read it: Instagram! With her account amassing a whopping 18,3K followers, Melody’s clear, purist approach to food photography got us hooked in 2016.

Website address: missneverfull.com/


7 Dariel Quek & Kenneth Lee (Yummy Food Book)

What we love: Focused on all things sweet, the Yummy Food Book lures us in with cakes, bread rolls and cookies. Need we say more?

Why you should read it: Ever wondered which appliances to use for your next cooking adventure? Dariel’s hardware recommendations are here to help.

Website address: yummyfoodbook.com


8 Melissa (Hungry Bird)

Crayfish (aka rock lobster/ spiny lobster) along the coastal highway out of a food shack. So good.

A photo posted by Melissa 🐥 (@orrrrange) on

What we love: Eating “everything but Durian”, Melissa takes us on a culinary journey from page 1. The gourmet among Singapore’s writers, her readers discover Frozen Gula Melaka Coconut Cream Pops, Mini kueh salads and Australian Chia Seed Pudding.

Why you should read it: Each one of Melissa’s restaurant reviews includes her own take on “Ambiance“, “Food“, “Value” and “Overall” experience.

Website address: hungrybird.sg


9 Veron (Sparklette)

Mille crepe with all the colours of the rainbow 🍭

A photo posted by Sparklette Magazine (@sparklettemagazine) on

What we love: One of the more established food blogs, Sparklette’s strength undoubtedly lies with reviews. Sorted by cuisine and ambiance, readers are sure to find exactly what they’re looking for prior to their restaurant visit.

Why you should read it: The Coffee section is one of a kind, and will leave every caffeine lover thirsty.

Website address: sparklette.net/


10 Cheng Huann & Kelvyn Choo (Foodprints SG)

I earned this with a 4km morning run. 😂 #sgfoodies #foodsg #foodprints #sgfood

A photo posted by FoodPrints-SG (@foodprintssg) on

What we love: The Food Prints project started in 2009 to document food imagery that the authors had and were willing to share with their food-crazed fans in Singapore. Centered heavily around local hawker food, Cheng and Kelvyn know how to sell us authentic Singaporean cuisine in a way that’s anything but boring.

Why you should read it: Did someone say CRISPY PUMPKIN?

Website address: foodprints-sg.com


11 Julia Khoo (Aroma Cookery)

What we love: Sporting her own radio show, Foodie Lunch Pick Julia is as passionate about restaurants as she is about cooking: Choose from dozens of recipe in the dessert, meat and poultry domain.

Why you should read it: Vegetarians will love the stir-fry section!

Website address: aromacookery.com/

12 Crystal Wee (Crystal Wee)

What we love: A non-professional food blogger since 2011, Crystal has mastered the art of food photography that complements, rather than overpowers her writing. We get hungrier picture by picture.

Why you should read it: Browse through Singapore’s most fashionable restaurants in a go – and make sure to bring enough time!

Website address: crystalwee.com

Going Italian after so long 😍 #handsinframe

A photo posted by Crystal Wee (@crystal_wee) on Aug 7, 2015 at 8:25pm PDT

13 Annie Mok (Annielicious)

What we love: Featured on television for her divine cooking skills, Annie turns our heads with her delicious, authentic recipes.

Why you should read it: Follow the writer into her kitchen where she cuts, cooks and prepares authentic Singaporean cuisine.

Website address: annieliciousfood.blogspot.sg/

Thai Steamed Fish Paste, also known as Otak Otak #thaidishes #thaisteamedfishpaste #otakotak #annieliciousfood

A photo posted by Annielicious Food (@annieliciousfood) on Oct 11, 2015 at 10:33pm PDT

14 Cynthia Lim (The Baking Biatch)

What we love: Crafting hand-made jewellery, Cynthia is as diverse as the website she has hosted since 2011. The Baking Biatch surprises with editorials across the Baking, Cooking, Travel and Life Hacks domains.

Why you should read it: Looking for the world’s best birthday cake? You’re at the right spot: Customised cakes are this gem’s speciality.

Website address: thebakingbiatch.com

Century egg porridge for dinner! (: #thebakingbiatch #dinner

A photo posted by Cynthia (@lim_cynthia) on Jan 18, 2016 at 3:07am PST

15 Jeremy Holden (Such A Fatty)

What we love: With its fancy design, emphasis on imagery, and easy site navitation, Such A Fatty is more than a pretty staple on Singapore’s crowded blogosphere.

Why you should read it: We can’t get enough of the tag cloud, displaying each cuisine type beautifully across the screen. See for yourself!

Website address: suchafatty.com

16 The Ordinary Patrons (Ordinary Patrons)

What we love: Embedded in a minimalist design, content is king on Ordinarypatrons.com. From a classic food blog to a dictionary dedicated solely to cuisine terms, we think this website is a must for every foodie.

Why you should read it: Check the Top List for a handy guide on everything delicious on Singapore’s Restaurant scene.

Website address: ordinarypatrons.com

Baked otah-coated flounder at Wild Rocket, Mt Emily #sgrestaurant #sgfood #sgeats #wildrocket #wildrocketsg #ordinarypatrons

A photo posted by The Ordinary Patrons (@ordinarypatrons) on Jul 17, 2016 at 5:22pm PDT

Top Travel Bloggers in Singapore

Travel | foodpanda Magazine

17 Lin Zhiqiang (Passport Chop)

What we love: Touted as one of the most prestigious travel blogs in the city, Passportchops is a must for travellers seeking a broad range of reviews on destinations both within and beyond Singapore.

Why you should read it: Discover Europe like a local with complete travel itinieraries to download for free.

Website address: passportchop.com

18 Joyce Lim (Joyce Forensia)

What we love: Focussed on all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle, Joyce loves to travel – reporting live from destinations including Japan, Thailand, the Gold Coast and Taiwan.

Why you should read it: All travelogues by Joyce are unbiased – whether the products shown are sponsored or not.

Website address: joyceforensia.com/

19 Haidee (Expat Mom Diaries)

What we love: Travel smart and worry-free is the motto of this Featured Expat blog. A mother herself, Haidee’s site is a treasure trove of life hacks she generously shares with her readers.

Why you should read it: Ever got lost abroad and were lacking an emergency number? You’re welcome.

Website address: expatmomdiaries.com

20 Flora Isabelle (Flora Isabelle)

What we love: Easily the most expansive travel blog on the list, Flora leaves no stone unturned on her way to the foodpanda blogger throne. Visit and explore the ins and outs of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, Australia, Japan, …..

Why you should read it: At the crossroads of travel, lifestyle and fashion, Flora’s posts will inspire even the sturdiest reader to pack up.

Website address: floraisabelle.com/

21 Jaclynn Seah (The Occasional Traveller)

What we love: Despite a rocky start, it’s a good year for Jaclynn the “Occasional Traveller”: Enjoying a career break in 2016, she now has ample opportunity to report from some of the world’s most enviable locations.

Why you should read it: Her candor and wit make reading the site a one of a kind experience. Also, jealousy.

Website address: theoccasionaltraveller.com/

22 Alvin Soo (Live Laugh Travel)

What we love: Dynamic duo Alvin and Nicole know how to have a good time. Luckily, they’re willing to share their adventures. Follow the two on their tours through Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the US, and pick up some witty survival tips along the way.

Why you should read it: To learn that travelling with your partner is definitely twice as much fun.

Website address: livelaughtravel.net/

23 Eunice Khong (Travelerfolio)

What we love: Can BBC Travel, Yahoo, Channel News Asia and The Straits Times all be wrong? We don’t think so: This blog is the ultimate compilation of travel content spanning more countries than we can count.

Why you should read it: Fly to India with the push of a button. Travelerfolio’s coverage of the continent is hands-down amazing.

Website address: travelerfolio.com/

Street view of Yangon on a rainy day, with the golden pagoda against the city skyline. #Myanmar

A photo posted by TravelerFolio (@travelerfolio) on Jul 14, 2016 at 3:04am PDT

24 Alex (Wanderlex)

What we love: From initial travel planning and packing lists to the best hotels and restaurants, Wanderlex will leave even experienced globetrotters longing for more.

Why you should read it: Because Alex’s list of travelled countries is seriously impressive!

Website address: wanderlex.com
Facebook: sgwanderlex
Twitter: @sgwanderlex


25 Kimberley Yeo (Strictly Ours)

What we love: Food and travel blogger Kimberley sure knows how to keep us in suspense: From Korea to Paris, each trip the co-owner of Kaffles and The Tabletop Curators takes seems bigger than the last. We like!

Why you should read it: Get a taste for the finer things in life with Kimberley’s excellent culinary tastes

Website address: strictlyours.com/

@wafflesthemaltese and I attended the #petspicnicparty2016 at #sentosacove with @faangtard and @kiralyx all dressed in black ! It was the best event I’ve ever attended because I was in the company of more than 200 dogs ! There was so much happiness in the air and it was a very well planned picnic with shelter, games, an adoption drive and we were given a picnic pack with Watermelon Fried Rice from @ginkhao, potato chips, Snapple, treats for Waffles from @jerhigh_singapore and a very durable picnic mat. I love the location especially. Sentosa cove is so beautiful and tranquil! Thank you @petsmagazinesg for having us and for bringing so many dog-lovers and their gorgeous furkids together ! P.S : look at how happy Waffles is 🐶

A photo posted by Kimberley Yeo 🐶🐾🎈 (@kimberleyyeo) on Jun 5, 2016 at 7:08am PDT

26 Ellena Guan (Ellena Guan)

What we love: A food blog in essence, it’s worth investing some time when visiting Ellenaguan.com. Behind all the glitz of product reviews and detailed recipe guides are some of the internet’s best curated travelogues.

Why you should read it: From beautiful landscapes to restaurant tips, A Winter in Korea is surely better than you expect!

Website address: ellenaguan.com

27 Frances Lorraine (Franny Wanny)

What we love: Honest hotel reviews are the bread and butter of this blog gem: From Alabang to Taipei, Frances’ followers get the inside scoop on mid-range to luxury resort providers. Additionally, Fran is a passionate foodie – her Instagram account has the power to make you hungry in a second. Care to bet?

Why you should read it: Trusting this blog’s unobscured descriptions, you’ll wonder why your next holiday still hasn’t been booked.

Website address: frannywanny.com/

28 Rosemarie John & Joseph Ellis (Travel and Beyond)

What we love: The superstar of Singapore’s growing Travel blogger community, Joseph and Rosemarie neatly categorize their reviews based on destination. The visual impact of Travel & Beyond isn’t lacking either: A gallery encompasses images of each of their trips.

Why you should read it: A kaleidoscope of world travel, this blog is a must amateur travellers and frequent flyers alike.

Website address: travelandbeyond.org/

I’m just traveling through this world… #visitcanberra

A photo posted by Rosemarie and Joseph (@travelnbeyond) on Jun 25, 2016 at 12:20am PDT

29 Charlene Low (Missuschewy)

What we love: The brainchild of Missuschewy, Charlene Low has it all: Hardly a Singapore hotel hasn’t yet been featured on the site. Travelogues there are plenty. Currently dating? Marriage tips are included!

Why you should read it: Discover Tokyo’s Disneyland from the comfort of your couch!

Website address: missuschewy.com

30 Tom Lim (2 Bear Bear)

What we love: From 101 things to do in Singapore to the world’s best hotel deals, we can’t resist Tom and Kate’s travel reviews.

Why you should read it: Still unsure whether your next trip has been planned properly? A handy search bar makes browsing for specific destinations easy.

Website address: 2bearbear.com/

31 Bino Chua (I Wander)

What we love: Counting over 10,000 fans, I Wander is your number one source for travel information about Europe, Australasia and The Americas.

Why you should read it: Bino’s travel tips – section is among the most thorough we’ve seen so far. A must-read: Key bargain destinations to visit in 2015.

Website address: iwandered.net/

32 Crystal Phuong (Crystal Phuong)

What we love: Part fashion, part lifestyle blogger, Crystalphuong.net is everything you’re looking for in a well-rounded blog and more.

Why you should read it: Strutting through San Francisco’s rush-hour in Valentino boots will become two of your favourite things in the world.

Website address: crystalphuong.net

Top Lifestyle Bloggers in Singapore

Lifestyle | foodpanda Magazine

33 Shenny Yang (Shenny Yang)

What we love: Member of the Bloggerati family, Shenny Yang is an all-star among Singapore’s lifestyle bloggers. Find her posing in front of Edinburgh’s historic castle, DJing in Singapore, or flaunting high-couture on the street, Shenny is an expert at making her readers burst of jealousy. Hi from the office!

Why you should read it: Her travelogue about Malaysia’s Sinar Eco Resort will be the most entertaining thing you’ll see all day.

Website address: shennyyang.com

34 Jean Gan (Jean Gan)

What we love: A 2014 Blog Awards winner, Jean is the beauty expert we need this summer.

Why you should read it: Always wondered which is the best cleanser to go for? Consult one of countless product reviews and you’ll find out! (Spoiler Alert: Cetaphil’s a good guess)

Website address: jeangan.com/

35 Felicia Neo (Felicia Neo)

What we love: Singapore-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle writer Felicia presents readers with a treasure trove of fun, entertaining content.

Why you should read it: Posting frequently on behalf of the city’s most prestigious beauty brands, this lady knows how to keep her female clientele coming back.

Website address: felicianeo.com

36 Jasmine Koh (Scissors Paper Stone)

What we love: This blog is a novelty. On dozens of pages, Jasmine, in a funny and light tone, introduces us to the art of crafting. What better way to relax after a stressful week at the office!

Why you should read it: Learn how to make giant bubbles – and your child as speechless as ever.

Website address: scissorspaperstoneblog.com

Saturdays are for strawberry picking #firsttimeingenting #weekendwanderings

A photo posted by Jasmine (@scissorspaperstoneblog) on May 28, 2016 at 3:14am PDT

37 Priscilla Yeo (Pingerrain)

What we love: Hailing from Singapore, this travel and lifestyle blogger dreams of becoming a novel publisher. On her website, Priscilla covers everything from high-quality product reviews and travelogues, through to restaurant recommendations and short-stories.

Why you should read it: A passion for photography is something readers of Pingerrain share with the author. Enjoy the stunning views of Tokyo’s Skytree with Priscilla!

Website address: pingerrain.com

38 Kelynn Nai (Kelynnstory)

What we love: A mother of two, Kelynn is an avid tester of the best beauty products around town. Luckily, her blog teaches us not only about where to purchase sunscreen, facial masks and skin creams – but also whether our money will be well spent.

Why you should read it: A Top 10 finalist for the Blog and Win Challenge 2014, Kelynnstory.com is a safe bet for Singapore’s best beauty blog in the running year. Check out her Youtube reviews!

Website address: kelynnstory.com

39 Pei Xian (The T List)

What we love: Pei converted her site from Ms Glitzy to The T List in March this year – and what we’re seeing so far is more than astonishing! From Yoga to Skiing, the lifestyle blogger sure knows how to have a good time on the road.

Why you should read it: Give The T List a try – and learn how to dress fashionably even throughout the most arduous of journeys. Our insider favorite!

Website address: thetlist.net/

Wanna be free as birds… That would be so fly! #birds #skyporn #japansky #throwback #travelthrowback

A photo posted by @thetlistnet (@thetlistnet) on May 25, 2016 at 6:44am PDT

40 Monice Cheung (Mons Diary)

What we love: Another Nuffnang star, Mons Diary is heavily beauty-centered and thus worth more than just one read: Powder, creams and lipstick are this girl’s best friend.

Why you should read it: Apart from the occasional product review, Monice is a real foodie: From cakes to sushi to soups, readers enjoy high-quality restaurant reviews that are definitely Michelin-worthy.

Website address: mons-diary.blogspot.sg/

🔳🔲🔳🔲 photo cr: @notcolman

A photo posted by Monice C (@m0nice) on May 14, 2016 at 10:14pm PDT

41 Sabrina Wang (Princessa)

What we love: A massive search bar greets the readers of this highly popular fashion and lifestyle blog. Influencer, entrepreneur and designer Sabrina can spot a good deal – we just couldn’t stop marvelling at her swimwear!

Why you should read it: Like her outfits, Sabrina’s website is a stunner.

Website address: sabrina.sg

42 Cheng Kai Ting (Kaitinghearts)

What we love: At the front lines of Singapore fashion, Kaitinghearts closely follows events, store openings and product launches – generously blogging about her experiences.

Why you should read it: For the ultimate fashion fix, check out the various accessories reviewed by Kaiting.

Website address: kaitinghearts.blogspot.de/

Officially engaged! Thank you to all family & friends for helping and supporting @ken_seah in his planning & execution!!! 💕 We both teared while he spoke to me before he went down on one knee, thinking of how blessed we are to have found each other. I did not hesitate at all to give him my hand which drew hearty laughters from our loved ones as my mum jokingly said, “Ting ah you never even pretend to consider, you just say yes?!” 😂 Special thanks to 💍 @SookeeJewellery ⛵ #SgYacht 🍴 #StamfordCatering 💐 @TheWildWoods.Co 📷 @SeedImage for collaborating/giving us a good price!!! 💖 I love you so much my fiancé @ken_seah, thank you for always, always giving me the best! 💋 #kentingseah #officiallyengaged #proposal #kenmakeskaitinghappy #hhllcouple #prettyheartshaperingonmyfinger #willyoumarryme #SelectCatering

A photo posted by Kaiting Cheng (@kaitinghearts) on Jul 27, 2016 at 9:28am PDT

43 Regine Sum (Xoregine)

What we love: Life, food, fashion are beauty are the centre pieces of this site, making Singapore Polytechnic student Regine one of the most diverse writers of our list.

Why you should read it: The repertoire of clients amassed by the blogger is seriously impressive.

Website address: xoregine.com/

No monday blues today because it’s the holidays 😌

A photo posted by Regine Sum (@xoregine) on Mar 7, 2016 at 3:04am PST

44 Ashley Chan (AshleyChankl)

What we love: Gorgeous videos, flashy fonts, and a knack for lifestyle content are what make this blog a must-read. For premium local cuisine reviews, this is a must.

Why you should read it: Ashley’s combination of imagery and select clips have made a fantastic read for our editors.

Website address: ashleychankl.com

45 Carrie Sim (Carriesim)

What we love: Beautifully curated images, an endless list of prestigious sponsors and more travel guides than we can count: We approve!

Why you should read it: Without pretentiousness, Carrie’s wardrobe diaries display her best outfits for a variety of occasions. Nice: Following a simple link, we can purchase each of her pieces in the respective online shop.

Website address: carriesim.com/

46 Luna Teo (Lunaarrive)

What we love: With her unique take on beauty product reviews, fashion and lifestyle blogger Luna is a steady fixture for Singapore brands seeking high-profile exposure.

Why you should read it: All editorials are presented in a colloquial style that both entertains as well as informs. A leasurely Kimbab lunch during a Volume Rebonding session at the stylist? Welcome to Luna’s world!

Website address: lunarrive.com

47 Elaine Heng (Elaineheng)

What we love: Blogger, influencer, mother, Ms Singapore International World 2008, founder… titles aren’t enough to describe what readers get to see on this blog. Apart from your regular product reviews, tastings and high-resolution imagery, Elaine reports about her modelling experiences in Singapore and her invites to high profile lifestyle events by well known brands.

Why you should read it: A qualified image consultant and Franchise owner, makeup artiste and hairstylist, Elaine is happy to take your questions on a variety of subjects.

Website address: elaineheng.blogspot.com/

48 Benjamin Toh (Typical Ben)

What we love: A Social Media Manager by day, Benjamin Toh is one of the few male Lifestyle writers in the city. Successfully so: TypicalBen ofers readers a long-awaited take on men’s grooming products, their efficiency and prices.

Why you should read it: Got wanderlust? Follow Ben (alongside his equally stylish friends) to Penang. After seeing this blog, it’s official: Blondes really do have more fun!

Website address: typicalben.com

I just wanna be your superhero. 💨

A photo posted by Benjamin Toh (Typicalben) (@typicalben) on Jul 11, 2016 at 7:34am PDT

49 Min Ru (Miss Rusty)

What we love: Craving for a new do in 2016? Miss Rusty is the place to go: Follow this blogger’s advice and you’ll soon be finding yourself in Singapore’s fanciest hairdressing salons.

Why you should read it: Best buds with a host of brands, Min generously shares voucher codes with her fans.

Website address: missrusty.net

50 Lirong Sun (Lirongs)

What we love: Positioned at the crossroads between food and lifestyle, delicious cake recipes are followed reviews of the latest lifestyle consumer products.

Why you should read it: With 33,6K followers (and counting), Lirong’s Instagram wall is a feast for the eyes.

Website address: lirongs.com

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