Top of the Town: 4 All-Day Breakfast Options in Singapore For Weekend Lovers

Top of the Town: 4 All-Day Breakfast Options in Singapore For Weekend Lovers

From traditional Kaya toast with half boiled eggs and coffee to extravagant waffles, the choices for all day breakfasts in Singapore are vast. Here are a few options for you to choose from – all of which are of course available via foodpanda.sg.

1 La Teh Café

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Offering various traditional breakfast items, La Teh Café at The Commerce @ Irving is perfect for a quick breakfast, lunch or just a small coffee break. The people who are running La Teh Café are really friendly and welcoming, making the café a really cosy spot to chill, while enjoying breakfast or a snack.

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I went to La Teh Café specifically for their Nanyang Toast. Combined with a coffee of choice, the offering is more than affordable and quite a comfort breakfast. The four pieces of dark bread came with a nice layer of Kaya jam and a piece of soft butter right in the middle. As the bread was still nice and warm, the butter melted together with the jam, creating a creamy sensation with every bite.

2 Nanyang Old Coffee

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Located on South Bridge Road in Chinatown, Nanyang Old Coffee is a local favourite, offering everybody’s favourite breakfast in the area. I came for their Kaya toast set, including neatly cut and triangularly-shaped toasts, two half boiled eggs in a bowl as well as a coffee or tea of your choice.

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An ingredient that seems so simple, but is actually highly difficult to get right, is the egg. For my taste the eggs were just perfect – not too soft but still liquid enough to let my toast soak up most of it. Everybody has their own way of eating it, that’s how I like to do it. Nanyang Old Coffee is one of the best places for me to do so.

3 259 Corner

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Offering a substantial breakfast and brunch menu, including salmon eggs benedict, this café on Tanjong Katong Road is a perfect weekend hangout. With a cosy interior and friendly staff, this café might easily become my new favourite. As my visit was already a little later in the day, I decided to go for a luxurious kind of breakfast – their Original Waffle. Served with chocolate syrup, a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, blueberries, chocolate chips, and a little cream, this was quite a treat.

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The waffle itself was freshly made and very warm when it arrived at the table, making the ice cream run all over the plate. The dough wasn’t too fluffy, but actually quite substantial, turning this breakfast into a heavy portion that could easily be for two people. Beautifully presented, the waffle was a sweet treat I wish I could have every day for breakfast.

4 Toast Box

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With multiple outlets all over Singapore, Toast Box is very widely available. However, its popularity comes rather from its breakfast offering that includes traditional Kaya toast and half boiled eggs. Unlike the Nanyang Old Coffee, the eggs are still served with their shells.

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Their Kaya toast breakfast set comes with two white bread sandwiches that have their edges cut off, but have therefore a healthy spread of Kaya jam of them. The coffee or tea of choice comes of course included.

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