Happy Easter! Best Breakfast Eggs in SG

Happy Easter! Best Breakfast Eggs in SG

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. First of all, it is your first meal after eight hours or more compared to other meals you have every few hours during the day. Also, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. A healthy and filling breakfast will incline you towards healthy meals and snacks. Skip breakfast or take an unhealthy one and you are very likely to reach for a carb-rich snack on later or to overeat even if you choose a healthy snack or lunch.

Eggs are healthy, filling and can be prepared in so many different ways. You can get the best breakfast eggs in Singapore done in a variety of ways at the following places:


Here, you’ll be spoilt for choice with options like a bacon and sandwich with mayonnaise, mushroom and cheese eggs, an omelet with toast, a ham and cheese omelet with toast or eggs on toast with your choice of meat. Order online.



This cafe goes all about with breakfast. Start your day with a Big Bird breakfast which comes with your choice of eggs, chicken sausage, grilled streaky bacon, cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, a breakfast roll, and a croissant. You can also go for Flaky Buttery Croissant with bacon and egg which has bacon done in two different ways and topped with scrambled eggs, some arugula and tomato salsa on a buttery French croissant. The cafe has more amazing dishes in their Egg Special Weekend Bruch menu.

Find more cafe Nido’s dishes and order online here.


This cafe with an interesting name has some great egg dishes with some interesting names as well. Set yourself up for a good day with Brunch Now: Here. This brunch dish comes with candy bacon, honey baked ham, port bratwurst, sauteed mushrooms, scrambled eggs, brioche bread and a crisp garden salad. Your day will also be good if you start it with Mr.Ben. Mr.Ben is a brunch option with poached eggs, pork ham, brioche bread, mesclun, avocado puree, Hollandaise sauce and a balsamic orange dressing.

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This is the place where Ramly meets Wendy. This is the cafe’s unique twist on the popular Ramly burger. They do it as a succulent beef patty wrapped in an omelet and served with a side of shitake mushrooms and a salad. Chicken chop with eggs is another fantastic way to start the day. You’ll get grilled chicken thigh with mushroom sauce. It also comes with potato wedges, coleslaw and two sunny side up eggs for energy that will last all morning. You can also have rice instead of potato wedges.

Fallow this link to find more options. 🙂


This is another popular stop for breakfast eggs in Singapore. Dig into their Eggs Benedict’s which is eggs on toast with ham and hollandaise sauce or eggs royal’s which is the same except that is it served with smoked salmon rather than ham. You are sure to enjoy The Tristan’s, a filling breakfast of eggs that are poached, scrambled or fried, pork or chicken sausage, a “tomate provençale” and a buttered wholemeal bread roll.

Check their manu here!

Let this Easter be a joyous one. foodpanda hope you have colorful eggs, candy, grass, and chocolate bunnies in your Easter basket and food list this year! ❤

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Article Written By Dido Lin

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