Top of the Town: 3 Delicious Salads in Singapore you need to try

Top of the Town: 3 Delicious Salads in Singapore you need to try

Singapore is getting healthier as we speak, as more and more salads make the cut onto the menus. While in the past one didn’t have much choice besides the eternal Caesar Salad, we are now blessed with variety and creativity. Searching for a greener side around town, we present our fancy salad findings. If you crave a salad for lunch, but don’t work close to any of these locations, you can also conveniently order via foodpanda.sg at all of these spots.

Delicious Salad n°1 – Smør Singapore


Located in the underground passage at One Raffles Place, Smør is a small Scandinavian deli. The name stems from the Swedish word Smörgåsbord, referring to a buffet-style meal with various cold and hot dishes. As we are looking for salads, our eyes immediately focused on a Scandinavian-style chicken salad, filled with red and white quinoa, chicken, baby orange wedges, pesto, red cabbage, leafy mesclun salad, and corn.

Instead of a premixed salad combo, Smør presents the dish differently. The ingredients are lined up next to each other, all lying on a bed of mesclun salad. It is a curious display, inviting me to mix whatever I want to mix – I honestly never thought of it before.

Although the chicken and orange are plain, in combination they feel full and light in taste. Another positive contrast is the citric and herbal taste, the latter coming from the fresh pesto. The lemon oregano dressing also gives depth to pretty much everything else. Cabbage and corn also provide a slight bitter and sweet taste. The salad is perfect for those who are on a diet, as the chicken will satisfy your hungry and the greens give the dish plenty of taste.

Delicious Salad n°2 – SaladStop

Pciture 01 - Salad Stop

I was happily returning to SaladStop on Robertson Road in the CBD. Offering all their signature dishes as both wrap and salad, one has the ultimate and customisable choice. This time around my pick was called ‘Summer Fling’, as the pomelo and baby kale immediately attracted my attention.

Well mixed with a sesame lime dressing and beautifully garnished with a small sesame bread stick, the salad also included romaine, grilled tofu, brown rice, carrots stripes, red grapes, and sweet corn.

Fresh, crisp, and chopped small, the romaine leaves make for a really substantial base. The grilled tofu is yet crisp but also not entirely soft, which is actually a nice balance. Crispy grilled tofu can be nice, but in my experience never does well in salad. Having tried several salads at this shop, one really can’t go wrong with any choice.

Delicious Salad n°3 – Well Dressed Salad + Bar

Asian Zensation

Last but not least is the Well Dressed Salad + Bar on South Bridge Road. Just around the corner from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, this corner café offers a variety of salads. All of them come in a huge glass bowl, making me question whether I actually could finish the salad.

Called an ‘Asian Zensation’, my salad had a romaine leaves base and was topped with corn, red cabbage, coriander, carrot, red dragon fruit, and a not too strong and gingery dressing. While the cabbage and the carrot provide a crunchy sensation, the red dragon fruit makes every other bite a little juicy.

Although I managed to finish the salad, the Well Dressed Salad + Bar will be perfect for those who still believe salad is only a side dish.

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