Top of the Town: 4 Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

Top of the Town: 4 Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

Don’t be satisfied with these average fast food chicken wings, as Singapore’s Korean spiced chicken outlets offer much richer alternatives. Offering depth in taste and texture as well as customisation for chicken wing combos, you can have them the way you like to eat. We did a little tasting and discovered a few new favourites. If you want to do your own tasting, you can order from all of these Korean chicken outlets via FoodPanda.sg.

Korean Chicken  n°1  | Nene Chicken

Nene Chicken | foodpanda Singapore

Located at Star Vista, the staff at Nene Chicken welcomed me with a friendly ‘annyeonghaseyo’. I really liked that this Korean chicken outlet offered me full control over my meal combo. Wanting the best of both worlds, I choose their signature ‘swicy’ (sweet and spicy) sauce, a small coleslaw salad as side, thick and crispy cheesy fries, and a mineral water to not spoil my taste buds too much. I instantly fell in love with their sauce, as I could have eaten it by itself. Offering a proper balance, the sauce wasn’t too heavy and overpowering but still very consistent in taste and texture. Tasting only a little spicy, the slight hint of sesame combined well with the sweetness, while the tender chicken matched the crunchiness of the crispy chicken skin.

Korean Chicken  n°2  | Jinjja Chicken

Jinjja | foodpanda Singapore

Right next to Bugis MRT, Jinjia Chicken is an extremely popular hot spot in the area. Filled with happy and hungry costumers all the time, it is hard to get a seat. But the wait is well worth it. Seeing the big Jinjja signature drumsticks on other tables as I walked in, my choice was immediately clear. Mixing their soy garlic and Yangnyeom sauce, the chicken drumsticks were covered with this rich combo and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Although the sesame seaweed fries were just a side, they were just as exciting. Last but not least, I upgraded my meal with a sweet and comforting Sikhye rice drink, making my wait more pleasant.

Korean Chicken  n°3  | Choo Choo Chicken

Choo choo Chicken | foodpanda Singapore

Spicier than the other Korean fired chicken pieces on the list, Choo Choo Chicken on Bali Lane offered perfect sizes and combos to share for two. Some of their Happy Hour deals even include 8 chicken wings (choose 2 different types) and 2+1 glasses of Tiger beer for only $31 ($16 for the wings only). I decided on the 4 soy and 4 spicy wings. While the soy-flavoured wings weren’t too salty, they had even a little sweet aftertaste. The spicy kind weren’t just tickling your tongue, but actually offered real hot flavour.

Korean Chicken  n°4  | Oppa Chicken

Oppa Chicken |foodpanda Singapore

Specialising in honey garlic flavoured Korean fried chicken, I felt like swimming against the current and ordered a small portion of six pieces of Yangnyum chicken. Serving a very tender chicken with a quite crispy crust, the real highlight is the thick Yangnyum sauce, which is a little sweet while being spicy and sharp. Topped with crushed nuts and sesame seeds, the sauce had a beautifully long aftertaste, tickling my taste buds with a mild chilli flavour. Check out their menu here.

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