Top of the Town: 8 CNY Menus You Cannot Miss!

Top of the Town: 8 CNY Menus You Cannot Miss!

With just a couple of days before we usher in the Year of the Rooster, restaurants and cafes across the island have started dishing out unique Chinese New Year delights on their menus to whet our appetite. If you’re feeling spoilt for choice, here’s our list of top 8 CNY specials you cannot miss this Chinese New Year!


Kinsa Sushi – Sushi Platter and Yu Sheng

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All sushi lovers should head to Kinsa Sushi for a fortunate new year. A rich Yu Sheng and an extravagant sushi platter are their specials for the festive season. The beautifully decorate sushi platter comes with eight different pieces, including tamago, salmon, crab, and prawns. Both platters in combination are plenty for a group of three people.

Indocafé – Fortune


Indocafé, located at the beautiful and impressive white house on Scotts Road offers an equally impressive Fortune set for 3-10 people. The nine different dishes include deep-fried red garoupa with gulai gravy as well as nyonya braised mixed vegetables with pork skin. One of the highlights on the menu, besides the glorious prosperity Yu Sheng, is the chilli crab pie tee, Belachan chicken with sambal mayo and the otah that is served with sweet chilli.

Sakae Sushi – Festive Combos and Platters


Here comes another sushi CNY combo. Sakae Sushi offers two festive combos for up to 10 people, including Rong Yu Sheng with air-flown Norwegian salmon, agemono party platters as well as classic sushi platter. If you can’t get enough people together or are not hungry enough, you can also sample each of these separately.

The classic sushi platter offers definitely something for everyone – Ebiko Maki, Unagi Slice Sushi, Lobster Salad Gunkan, Wakame Egg Mayo Inari, and much more.


Guan Kitchen – Chinese New Year Set Menu


We went down to River Valley Road to get a taster of Guan Kitchen‘s Chinese New Year Set Menus. Available for 4, 6, 8 or 10 people, the menu includes highlights such as Pig’s Trotter with Sea Cucumber, Seafood Fishmaw Soup, and of course Salmon Yu Sheng.

During our visit, we sampled some beautifully decorated and deliciously big garlic-fried prawns, crabmeat and silverfish fried rice as well as a plate of Luo Han vegetables.


If you are looking for a smaller and quicker fortune, you might want to consider some of the following options.

Pezzo – Golden Fortune Set


The carnival-themed pizza spot Pezzo offers a Golden Fortune Set, including a Golden Lava Pizza and Wings. Ideal to share with friends for some quick fortune, the turkey ham and bacon are covered with a mixture of golden salted egg and mayonnaise. The crispy chicken wings offer the same fortune and are also covered in this delicious sauce. Good luck never tasted so good.

TCC – Pineapple Tarts

The Connoisseur Concerto offers a cute Chinese New Year special is the form of bear-shaped Pineapple Tarts. Besides being and tasty wonderfully sweet, one of the best things about it is that they are all natural and without preservatives. Made with frozen egg yolk, premium unsalted butter, and ikan flour, the bear-shaped cookie surrounding the pineapple filling is a welcome delight for in between.


Popeye Louisiana Kitchen – Chipotle Garlic Crunch Chicken Combo Meal


Chinese New Year Louisiana-style from Popeyes includes two flavourful pieces of chipotle chicken that are covered with a slightly spicy and sweet sauce, given a crunchy and sweet sensation while eating. Besides tender chicken, this combo meal also comes with a small bowl of soft potato mash that is topped with rich and slightly sweet gravy as well as a soft drink of your choice. You can also upgrade your meal with some fragrant garlic rice.

Burger King – Four-Tune


Good fortune you will also receive at Burger King. On offer are the Four-Tune Beef and Four-Tune Chicken burger, which are available as a set with crispy golden chicken fries. Both of the burgers come with a four-cheese combo – Nacho, American, Mozzarella, and Swiss cheese.


Other ideas for Chinese New Year include Chirashi Yu Sheng at Ishinomaki and the Pineapple Roaster Tarts from The Garden Slug. All of the above choices are of course available for delivery via foodpanda.sg.

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