Understanding how Chinese New Year snacks promote happiness and prosperity

Understanding how Chinese New Year snacks promote happiness and prosperity

The Chinese/Lunar New Year 2020 heralds the year of the Metal Rat. With New Year festivities kicking off for 15 days from 25 January 2020, planning your Chinese New Year party or celebrating in style with family is a breeze when you partner with us. We’re going to take a quick look at some of the popular Chinese New Year snacks here, so you can opt for the top treats to promote wealth, happiness, and peace.

About snacks for Chinese/Lunar New Year

If you plan to celebrate the Year of the Metal Rat 2020, or other upcoming Chinese New Years, you’ll want to serve up the traditional Chinese snacks that promote happiness or wealth. Dumplings are one of the most popular New Year snacks, and it’s said that the more you eat, the wealthier you’ll become! You’ll even find special Chinese dumplings in the shape of ingots over the New Year period. Rice cakes, rice balls, spring rolls and fish dishes are more of the lucky Chinese snacks you should eat over New Year.

  • Eat steamed fish at Chinese New Year to increase levels of prosperity. Just some of the popular fish are crucian carp for good luck throughout the year, catfish so you can end your year with surplus wealth, and mud carp for good fortune. Lots of traditions surround the eating of prosperity fish at New Year. For example, fish should always be placed with heads facing towards the most respected elders in the group, and it’s also important to end meals with these dishes and leave some in the bowl!
  • Niangao rice cakes are another lucky snack for New Year, and are said to improve your life and help business affairs to prosper. Ingredients include chestnuts, sticky rice, sugar, and lotus leaves. The lucky phrases “niánnián gāo” or “nyen-nyen gaoww” are traditionally used when eating glutinous rice cakes at New Year. The meanings can be translated to “getting higher year after year”, whether this relates to the height of children or promotions at work.
  • Longevity noodles should be eaten on New Year’s Day. These are uncut noodles which are either fried or boiled. Longer noodles are an indication of longer life!

Where can I order in lucky snacks for Chinese New Year?

Check out all the Chinese/New Year specialities on the menus at KS Chwee Kueh, Dim Sum, and Xin Le Wang Hong Kong Restaurant on foodpanda now. You can always rely on us to deliver your food orders on time, whether you’re ordering lucky Chinese New Year snacks for work colleagues or to share at home with friends and family. Chinese New Year feasts should be lighthearted and fun. So, please enjoy the best of good times in a relaxed and happy manner this Chinese New Year!

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