Value and quality combined? Assessing what Sushi Tei has to offer

Value and quality combined? Assessing what Sushi Tei has to offer

We’re 100% committed to giving you the lowdown on all the best places to eat in Singapore, whether you’re planning to dine out or opt for the most affordable local takeaway. Our guide to Sushi Tei gives you insider info on the brand, along with plenty of details about menu offerings and affordability.

About Sushi Tei

This Singaporean-based brand has launched over 50 outlets in the past two decades and is one of Asia’s fastest growing sushi restaurant chains. With several outlets across Singapore, there’s sure to be a Sushi Tei close by your home or office. That said, quick foodpanda deliveries mean any takeaway orders arrive at your location very quickly. The brand’s mission is to serve affordable, high quality Japanese-inspired food that’s localised to the host market. This means that great customer service and the most popular Singaporean sushi go hand in hand at Sushi Tei Singapore.

 What’s on the menu?

There are dishes to suit all tastes on the menu at Sushi Tei. Take your pick from the Grand Menu, and sample delicacies such:

  • Tasty appetisers that cleanse the palate and leave you craving your sushi mains!
  • King Prawn Golden Roll; moist king prawn sushi topped with succulent mango
  • Aburi Maguro and Salmon Roll; an avocado and cucumber sushi topped with salmon and bluefin tuna
  • Selection of the most perfect Gunkan Sushi, surrounded by crisp seaweed and moist sushi rice and filled with delicacies such as caviar, scallop, octopus and salmon
  • Kagoshima Japanese pork dishes
  • Rice dishes such as Yakitori Don, a simple meal of pan fried chicken in the house sauce, laid on a bed of rice
  • Lots of different noodle dishes, a Japanese speciality

Dessert and drinks menus, including a variety of different sake options, mean this restaurant offers any diner an authentic Japanese meal that’s great value for money. Regular promotions take place throughout the year, including the popular Spring Blossom promotion timed to take place at the height of cherry blossom season.

Takeout menu

The Sushi Tei takeaway menu is the ideal meal option for work or home. Some outlets offer bento boxes, supplying a variety of perfectly prepared meals for one. Party and banquet catering is easy when you team up with Sushi Tei and foodpanda. With up to 66 pieces of delicious, handmade sushi in the largest party packs, along with appetiser packs, and specialty mixed fried platters, sushimi options or salmon lover platters! Check the menu for your local outlet to find out exactly what’s on offer next time you want to cater a party or host a special occasion Japanese meal at home or work.


Whether you’re entertaining business clients in the workplace or want to visit one of the best Japanese restaurants in town, your local Sushi Tei outlet is sure to tick every box! All dishes are prepared fresh to order, whether you’re ordering in a banquet feast for 30 guests or simply planning a cosy film night at home.

So, yes, we agree that this restaurant and takeaway offers great value and top quality to consumers looking for superb Japanese dining in restaurant or at home!

Article Written By giuseppecgc

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