Ways to eat cupcakes

Ways to eat cupcakes

Have you ever considered how to eat a cupcake? Is there a right way or, do you just dive straight in? Next time you’ve ordered some cupcakes for your family or colleagues to enjoy, take a look around. You’ll be surprised how many ways there are to eat them! Here are our four favourite ways to eat this ever-trending dessert.

How to eat a cupcake sandwich style

Eating your cupcake one bite at a time can end up a little messy especially when a cream topping is involved so try this quirky method. Hold the cupcake in two hands then gently twist and tear it in half. Flip the bottom of the cupcake over and place on top so the buttercream topping is now your sandwich filler. Just be careful not to squeeze too hard as you tuck in!

Eating your favourite part first

Who doesn’t have a favourite part of a cupcake, whether it’s the soft tasty sponge or the oozing sweetness of the topping? So indulge yourself by eating your favourite part first (or saving it for last). Do this by holding the cupcake by the base and lapping up the yummy topping first or be more sophisticated and use a plate and spoon. Eat the sponge and then spoon up the topping.

Cutting it up and sharing it out

Would you give someone your last cupcake? Or are you happy to share it out? Whether you’re cuddled up watching a romantic movie or in the office and someone has ordered in a box of delicious cupcakes, sharing each cake out means everyone gets a taste of different flavours. Put the cupcake flat on a plate and using a sharp knife cut it neatly into four. This is also a good tip for dieters. Enjoy some cupcake now and save the rest for later. Don’t wait too long though!

Is it alright to mash up a cupcake and serve it with cream?

Absolutely. It really doesn’t need much explanation but this method is probably best saved for the seclusion of a private office or your home. Put the cupcake of your choice in a bowl and using a fork, gently mash it up so the cream topping is distributed evenly amongst the sponge. Then drizzle (be as generous as you like) with single cream or custard. If you’re feeling virtuous, swap the cream for yoghurt.

How to eat a cupcake? Does it say something about you?

Maybe. If you eat the frosting first, you’re someone who dives straight in and lives life to the full while sandwich makers are creatively resourceful. If you eat the sponge first, you’re disciplined enough in life to save the best for last. Don’t take the analysis too seriously, it’s all a bit of cupcake fun.

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