Top 4 restaurants and shops offering durian delivery in Singapore


For many Singaporeans, the ritual to hunt down the best and ripest Mao Sha Wang and D24 from Geylang street-side stores has become an annual tradition.

Regarded as the ‘King of Fruits’, durians have become customary for almost every household around the island.

foodpanda is ready to give you our list of top-rated restaurants and shops offering durian delivery so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty and can focus on enjoying this unique fruit from the comfort of your home.

Golden Moments

You might find yourself enjoying The Black Forest Mao Shan Wang Cake. Consisting of silky chocolate mousse, this cake is layered with 55% dark chocolate sponge cake, dark cherry puree and their signature Mao Shan Wang durian puree.

Rating 4/5

Four Seasons Durians

By now, this place needs no introduction. The light and airy Premium Durian Puffs are bursting with tasty durian cream filling, making them the ultimate showstoppers that will impress your family and friends.

Rating 4.6/5

SG Durian Boy

Seasoned durian hunters, this one’s for you. Scoring good durians requires skills (ruthless negotiations and a nose for quality). It’s not easy getting first dibs when choosing the best ones.

Rating 4/5

Sunlife Durian

 Adding twists on the traditional vanilla chiffon cake, this pâtisserie whipped up a very unique dessert called the Lychee Rose Cake, which uses rose flavoured fresh cream with generous amounts of lychee fruit slices.

Rating 4.7/5

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