What are the world’s most underrated cuisines?

What are the world’s most underrated cuisines?

We all know the most popular world cuisines – French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, and American – but which foods are less frequently eaten in the world? From the Nordic countries to Africa and the Middle East, here’s a look at the world’s most underrated cuisines and the dishes that celebrate them. The world seems to be shrinking as our tastes for different foods evolve, so perhaps it’s time to eat regional dishes from some of the countries below.


Ethiopia is set on the east coast of Africa, in an area known as the Horn of Africa. Its underrated cuisine celebrates spice and complex flavours using lots of ingredients from across the Middle East and Africa. The national bread, injera, is a fermented and flat sourdough creation eaten with most meals. Small cuts of spiced meat, tibs, are paired with garlic and rosemary. The juices are mopped up with bread and served with local mead (honey wine).


With some of the finest restaurants in the world, Nordic cuisine has been underrated for too long. It’s now being recognised for its delicious dishes. The Nordic countries, including Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, have a distinct culinary profile. Dishes such as pickled herring, fresh seafood, hard bread and potato pancakes (raggmunk) are regularly on Nordic menus. Denmark also has a vibrant beer scene, with modern craft beer breweries taking tradition to a new level.


Also known as Persian cuisine, Iranian food culture has a long history, dating back to ancient times. With influences from Greek, Turkish and Central Asian cuisines, Iranian food is a mix of cultures but is still essentially unique. From kebabs and stewed meats to rose water, cardamom and saffron rice dishes, the food culture in Iran is blossoming, if underrated.


Lebanon’s rich national cuisine has spread around the world but rarely gets recognition. Dishes such as hummus and falafel are loved everywhere. From fresh seafood cooked with spices to dried fruits and kibbeh – a small croquette made of bulgur wheat, dried spices, ground meat and pine nuts – there’s a lot to love about Lebanese food.


Paprika and goulash, the foundation of Hungarian cuisine, set its dishes above others. Dobos torta incorporates savoury spices in a mouthwatering sweet dish. Layers of cake are coated with chocolate icing, caramel and paprika, creating a decadent dessert with depth.

With so much variety available these days, it would be a shame not to take a culinary adventure to parts of the world we haven’t seen. With foodpanda, you can get some of the best, underrated cuisine delivered to you easily and quickly!

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