Hot, Hotter, Singapore: An Expert’s View On Which Fashion To Wear In Humid Weather

Hot, Hotter, Singapore: An Expert’s View On Which Fashion To Wear In Humid Weather

Coats are awesome. Putting on a nice coat instantly makes you more stylish and adds some “swag” points to your overall look. But with great ‘swag’ comes great sweat, especially for Singapore’s weather. You will literally be sweating buckets, and that is not something that most of us would feel comfortable in. So, how can guys dress for Singapore’s weather and still look fashionable? Afterall, we don’t want to be appearing in that hidden camera fashion TV thingy, do we?

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1 Wear a pair of well-designed sneakers

Wear a pair of well-designed sneakers | Curators Network

All you have to do is to wear the same coloured top and pants, then put on a pair of stylish kicks so that all the attention is on your sneakers. You will look effortlessly stylish.

2 Accessorise your eyes

Accessorise your eyes | Curators Network

They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul. But what if our soul is not that interesting? You put on a pair of shades.

3 Match the patterns

Match the patterns | Curators Network

If you want to pull off the hiphop look but do not want it to look too messy, match the patterns of your top and bottom. If your top has stripes, coordinate your bottom to have stripes too for that clean look!

4 Tie a piece of cardigan at the top

Tie a piece of cardigan at the top | Curators Network

To get that chic, boyish style, get a piece of cardigan that has some patterns and tie it loosely around your neck. Your top should be plain and simple so that the cardigan can stand out. Pair the look with a dress watch for extra personality!

5 Caps and Hats

Caps and Hats | Curators Network

Wearing a cap in Singapore serves 2 purposes – you look more stylish and it offers protection from the sun. You are not limited to just baseball caps, there are a range of different hats and caps that will suit your personality.

Find one style that totally screams YOU and you will notice the difference in your style once you put the cap/hat on.

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