Your Definite Guide To The 5 Best Burgers in Singapore

Your Definite Guide To The 5 Best Burgers in Singapore

Guess who’s back with another blind taste test – it’s the foodpanda Singapore team. On the menu this time is the favourite food of sports fans, hipsters, eating competition contestants, gangsters (see Pulp Fiction) and let’s be honest, just about everyone else. That food is, of course, the Hamburger.

Our testing team spent the entire afternoon ordering and eating burgers from lots of different restaurants in Singapore (yes, it’s hard work), and have crowned a champion.

Which burger will it be? Watch our video to find out.

So, Outback Steakhouse is our blind taste test burger champion. Do you agree, or have you had a better burger in Singapore? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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Chilis delivery

We recommend: Guacamole Burger

Tex-Mex fast food restaurant Chili’s boasts a reputation for huge burgers served up in a fun environment. Our testing team had high hopes for this one.

Our choice from Chili’s menu was the Guacamole burger, featuring melted Monterey Jack cheese, hot jalapeno chilis and green peppers. Plus marks go to Chili’s for the generous burger patty size and the intense flavour of the toppings.

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Veganburg delivery

We recommend: Creamy Shrooms Burger

Tap into your inner hippy with Veganburg! The popularity of Vegetarian food in Singapore has received a considerable boost with the opening of this hip, trendy restaurant who count Paul McCartney, Bill Gates and Natalie Portman among their fans.

We went for the Creamy Shrooms Burger from Veganburg’s menu with its soy patty, creamy sauce, sauteéd onions and button mushrooms. Our team were very complimentary on the rich sauce and fresh feeling of this burger.

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Tony Romas delivery

We recommend: Sirloin Cheddar Grille Sandwich

With the name invoking the image of an Italian-American gangster and the restaurant proudly proclaiming ‘ribs, seafood, steaks’, you can be confident they know a thing or two about excellent food. Tony Roma’s is not a specialty burger place but nevertheless, have a few decent offerings on their menu.

We picked the Tony Roma’s standard burger, topped with cheese and salad. We loved the cheese and the bread on this one.

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Carls Junior delivery

We recommend: Western Bacon Cheeseburger

Carl’s Jr, hailing from sunny California, are most definitely burger experts with more than 20 options on their menu. You’re spoilt for choice with this place, offering all the fast food joint staples to go with your burger (think salty fries and icey coke).

It was difficult to choose just one thing from the Carl’s Junior menu, but in the end we choose the Western Bacon Cheeseburger. The best looking burger in our taste-a-thon, but appearance isn’t everything. Carl’s Jr did score highly on the fresh salad, the delicious toppings and spicy sauce.

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Outback Steakhouse delivery

Outback Steakhouse, as its name suggests, is primarily known for its steaks, as well as its Australian theme. But before you start packing your bags and planning your next holiday down under, beware that Outback is actually an American chain based in Tampa, Florida.

We choose the Bacon Cheese Burger from the Outback Steakhouse menu. It was very popular amongst our blind taste team, particularly for the fresh meat, the crispy onion rings and mature cheese topping.

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