When winter evenings drag, could nachos be the ultimate snack?

When winter evenings drag, could nachos be the ultimate snack?

When winter nights are long and the delights of summer far off,  generous helpings of Mexican nachos could be the feelgood snack you need and crave. These popular Tex Mex snacks are just perfect for sharing with friends and family while you’re catching up on the latest news or watching TV.

Why snack on nachos?

Nachos are the ideal fast snack, and really easy to make at home. The basic dish simply consists of tortilla chips loaded with melted cheese, but you can vary the toppings and even create vegan tortilla snacks if needed.

A bit of history

Legend has it that these popular Tex Mex snacks were first invented in the city of Piedras Negras, Mexico in the year 1943. A group of hungry US military wives arrived at the local Victory Club restaurant after hours, and the chef created the dish using leftovers in the kitchen; tortillas, cheese, and jalapenos. This novel snack soon caught on, and popular nacho recipes began to circulate throughout Mexico and in the United States.

How to make

The basic nacho recipe only requires tortillas and cheese. The tortillas should be cut into small triangles, then fried. Cheese is then sprinkled on top of the fried snacks and melted to create the yummy, addictive basic snacks we all love. Lots of variations on this basic recipe mean that nachos are often a main course meal in themselves, with ground meats, refried beans and hot sauces to add taste and spice.

How do I eat them?

Snacking on nachos at home doesn’t need to be high calorie. Baked tortilla chips only have around 6 calories each, and different sauces and toppings mean they can be the healthy option. For example, prawns in Marie Rose can be the ideal dipping sauce if you’re counting calories, as this cuts out the cheese altogether. Alternatively, a bowl of nachos covered in melted cheddar and shared around four or five friends will be nowhere near the calorie count you’d each get from a couple of slices of pizza. They’re a fantastic finger food, so you can all dip into the bowl, and will really just need disposable napkins or wipes.

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