Will MOS make your day? Visiting the hip Japanese burger joint

Will MOS make your day? Visiting the hip Japanese burger joint

Using nutritional ingredients as a means of fuelling your skin and body is the secret of MOS burger. Not only do they endeavour to constantly use fresh ingredients, but they pride themselves in offering Singaporean and their international counterparts a service worth writing rave reviews about.

Breakfast mashup

Starting your day should be more than just fuelling up with coffee and a quick sugary snack. In order to function at your best, you need to eat a balanced breakfast. Mos Burger isn’t only about providing burgers as you can dig into some chicken nuggets, along with a healthy green salad served with either Japanese sauce or Thousand Island dressing. The drink of choice for the morning can be oolong tea, which is good for your heart and bones.

Lunch for the brain

Omega fatty acids are great for the brain and if you are working hard, you need to keep those cells firing on all cylinders. The lunch menu at Mos burger that caters to this is their finger-licking butterfly prawn, yummy ebi rice burger, tantalising kakiage rice burger or delicious fish burger. Combine these food options with a Hokkaido croquette or french fries.

Mid-afternoon snack

It’s understandable that you may not be feeling up to something too heavy if you’ve been keeping up with a healthy lunch. However, when the mid-afternoon comes, you might be peckish and in need of that extra fuel to get you through the rest of the working day. Keep it simple with some Mos chicken or the mussel nuggets and savour the taste with pink guava juice.

Shopping pick-me-up

Shopping trips tend to make you very hungry, especially if you are hopping into various stores or shopping for a special occasion. Mos Burger will quench your thirst with their selection of healthy beverages that include ayataka green tea and matcha latte. As for what to eat, opt for the beef burger with grilled tomato and chilli, or alternatively the teriyaki beef or chicken burger for the energy recharge you need. After all, protein is a good energy source.

Casual date night

Sometimes it’s good to follow the flow by taking things easy when going out on date night. It is not always necessary to find upmarket dining establishments when you can relax and feast on the choices offered by MOS Burger. Make it casual with either fish, chicken or beef burger options, or sample the Hokkaido croquette burger. Or you can order in a yakiniku beef burger, tsukune rice burger and large fries along with a healthy portioned green salad. Since things are being kept casual, having iced tea is a nice way of reinforcing the chill factor. The best thing is that it all can be delivered, so you can put on a movie and chat the night away without the worry that comes from growling stomachs.

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