What Does Your Favourite Food Say About Your Fashion Style?

What Does Your Favourite Food Say About Your Fashion Style?

Are you chicken rice-chic or fast food-casual? There are plenty of articles drawing links between your favourite food and your personality. But have you ever considered how the food you eat relates to your fashion style? The foodies at foodpanda have identified 5 types of food that might possibly say something about your fashion style!

WARNING: This guide is not scientifically proven and results may vary based on personality.

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Fast Food delivery

Admit it – fast food is comfort food. And just like this quick and convenient category of grub, you like things simple and snappy. Your key consideration when you reluctantly open your wardrobe each morning is how to keep things as comfy as possible. You embrace your many loose, oversize shirts and relish throwing them over your softest jeans…to be paired with sneakers or flats, of course.
Your style: Conveniently casual

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Singapore food delivery

Few meals are as starkly simple yet as tasty as chicken rice, that Singaporean dish of freshly blanched chicken served with fragrant rice. Similarly, your ensembles are sleek yet stylish. Your solution to spicing each one up? Adding a punchy statement accessory or two in place of chilli and dark soy sauce.

Your style: Minimalist chic(k)

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Breakfast delivery Singapore

You love checking out new cafes and get ideas on where to go from foodies on Instagram. Which is much like how you dress yourself – by flipping through magazines and scrolling through fashion influencers’ posts for style inspiration. Your fave pieces right now are culottes, cropped tops, cutesy bold prints and denim and you fit right in with the cool young crowd at Chye Seng Huat.

Your style: Trend follower

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Asian food delivery

You’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s happening – and what’s happening right now is Asia. From wearing labels by emerging Singaporean, Chinese and Thai designers to chomping down on funky sushi, you’re the one people look to for ideas on what’s cool next; the one photographers are gravitating to at Singapore Fashion Week.

Your style: Trendsetter

5 | Zhi Char

Zhi Char delivery

Hip new restaurants rarely get a dime from you. You much prefer taking a table at your nearest zhi char stall or homey restaurant and chowing down on straightforward faves like chilli crab, cereal prawns and curry fish head. “Can’t go wrong with that” is your mantra – and it funnels down to your wardrobe that’s filled with reliable go-tos that you’ve had for yonks. Some call you boring, but you’re always quick to respond with – say it now – “can’t go wrong with that”.

Your style: Classic

BONUS: The Pyjamas

Breakfast delivery

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