Add some luxury taste to your pasta dishes this truffle season

Add some luxury taste to your pasta dishes this truffle season

Delectably earthy, truffles are some of the most sought-after delicacies in the entire world. From pasta dishes to a garnish for a good piece of fillet, the uses for this luxurious ingredient are virtually endless. Set all of your apprehensions aside and get to the root of this luxurious fungi.

The tasty crop of late summer

Found in the fertile forested regions in France and Italy, truffles are a secret that was once thought to be exclusive to the area. Nowadays they are grown in many different countries in the world. Truffle pasta is often eaten at dinner as part of a celebratory meal for any occasion.

Varieties that attract the palate

There are two different varieties of these mushrooms, namely,  black and white. Although they are both equally delicious, the white variety is significantly rarer. Traditionally, truffle hunters would use hogs to sniff out the luxurious morsels. These hogs were exceptionally good at finding the mushrooms as they find them equally irresistible. This tradition is still in practice, but enthusiasts have also begun enlisting the help of dogs that are trained to detect the distinct aroma without damaging the precious fungi.

A versatile vegetable

One of the most astounding aspects of truffles is the sheer number of ways in which they can be prepared. The most common involves creating thin shavings with a mandolin; these shavings are added to pasta dishes and risottos. Alternatively, chefs may enlist the use of a microplane or fine grater to add delicate ribbons of mushroom to the top of stews and soups. When making use of this expensive ingredient, it is essential to remember that it should never be heated. Instead, the meal should be removed from the heat before it is added. Alternatively, the mushrooms are infused in olive oil, this is a great way to add the flavour of truffle to your meals.

Accentuate the flavour

The distinct taste of these mushrooms is perfectly complemented by rich and aromatic flavours, which is why they are an excellent addition to numerous Italian dishes. For an added contrast, enjoy these meals with a spritz of lemon or lime and a zesty glass of white wine.

Truffles are a rather rare and expensive treat, which is why it is essential to use it in moderation. Another reason to indulge in the truffle with moderation is due to the taste. It has a rather intense flavour so a little really does go a long way. Invite your friends and family to join you on a culinary experience at Harry’s to try the Soba salad with sesame and truffle.

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