Before & After foodpanda

Before & After foodpanda

In a world before foodpanda – hungry people had to trudge down the tedious road to food; restaurants had to wait endlessly for customers to come. It was not an ideal world for food lovers. Today we are featuring 3 restaurants in Singapore you can find on foodpanda who are going to tell us what business was like before and after us!

1 | Indian Curry House

Indian food delivery

Dedicated to bringing you a range of authentically mouth-watering Indian dishes, Indian Curry House first opened its doors in Singapore back in 2009.


To be honest, I was struggling…” Sreedhara, Indian Curry House’s Director, said while recollecting the times when his marketing efforts bore no fruit.

Not only was he from a foreign land, Sreedhara also came from a humble background and found it difficult to succeed in the F&B sector in Singapore.

Despite working with other partners, he felt that they were not able to provide the kind of effective support his business needed.


foodpanda was never part of my initial business plan! Now it’s very, very essential!

With foodpanda, Sreedhara feels much more relaxed about the success of his restaurant. He commented how much he appreciates the excellent support he receives from foodpanda’s staff.

In fact, Sreedhara was delighted to say it was thanks to foodpanda’s support that he was able to open up his next outlet in Serangoon Gardens. Having more delivery orders than dine-ins, Sreedhara finds foodpanda to be great for customers to spend time at home while still enjoying his food.

foodpanda deliveries now make up 30% of Indian Curry House’s revenue.

2 | Tony Roma’s Singapore

Tony Romas

No stranger to the food scene – Tony Roma’s has always been a popular choice when it comes to munching on delectable ribs in Singapore. Back in the 1990s when South-East Asia had very few casual dining concepts, Tony Roma’s stepped in to fill the gap.


With revenue coming in primarily from dine-in customers and a small amount from take-away, Tony Roma’s wanted to explore other channels that might boost sales.

We were well aware that having delivery service with a good partner can help to generate extra sales for us” commented Mr Seah Goh, Senior Marketing Communications Manager.

With foodpanda’s model fitting into their business plans nicely, Tony Roma’s signed on with us as their delivery company.


When Tony Roma’s partnered with foodpanda initially, things were not always smooth-sailing; “but they were always willing to listen to our feedback,” said Sean. With reliable Account Managers, Tony Romas’s always felt like they had someone they could contact for any issues.

Then in 2014, they began to see significant revenue from foodpanda when foodpanda became more strategic with our online and offline marketing strategies.  

foodpanda is developing a sustainable customer flow for Tony Roma’s; one third of customers that order Tony Roma’s through foodpanda, order again within 30 days.

3 | Wing Zone Singapore

Wing Zone

In the bustling area of Bugis, Wing Zone dedicates themselves to serve up the most delicious and innovative chicken wings in Singapore. Wing Zone has been in the US for 25 years and has expanded to 45 countries within a short period of time. Wing Zone’s Managing Director, Johnny Mayani, is a foodpanda customer himself; ordering a variety of food frequently, and thought it would be great to use foodpanda to raise awareness of Wing Zone’s brand.

Johnny saw delivery as such an essential part of Wing Zone that he engaged foodpanda’s partnership right from the start.

Wing Zone has a slogan – ‘Amazing flavours delivered’,” Johnny shared. Being so, delivery is actually a very integral part of Wing Zone.

Niche eateries like Wing Zone often find it difficult to compete with other restaurants with their own massive delivery system and technology. This was where they felt foodpanda filled the gap – “Many e-Commerce serve B2C, it’s nice that foodpanda does B2B.

With foodpanda, delivery orders now make up 20% of Wing Zone’s total customer orders.


All vendors have expressed their views on the importance of e-Commerce in our world today. Especially for helping SMEs spread their names and grow their brands.

Sreedhara, Director of Indian Curry House: Everything is on mobile now and foodpanda promotes me by reaching into people’s hands. I can be assured that people will definitely hear about my promotions.

Sean Goh, Senior Marketing Communications Manager of Tony Roma’s: e-Commerce is probably an important channel for SMEs to expand, particularly for restaurants. With more and more people accessing the web and reading their emails from their mobile device, e-commerce can help us reach out to more potential customers.

Johnny, Managing Director of Wing Zone: e-Commerce in Singapore is a growing market, SMEs rely on it to grow and expand.

Alongside Indian Curry House, Tony Roma’s and Wing Zone, foodpanda has over 500 other restaurant partners with us who have appreciated the services foodpanda has to provide.

Article Written By buegl

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