Come together over the food you love – ideas for great corporate dinners

Come together over the food you love – ideas for great corporate dinners

Singapore business organisations of any size will discover it’s an easy matter to arrange any corporate dinners/team events, client get-togethers, business lunches and effective training sessions over lunch, teatime or dinner when partnering with foodpanda. Check our magazine to discover all about the food trends in your location now, then get in touch to arrange your next corporate bash using our rapid, dependable delivery services. Host all your upcoming meetings on site with a variety of foodpanda deliveries, then all your workforce, clients and important visitors can enjoy the most relaxing and confidential get-togethers with no awkward silences due to confidentiality issues or talking business in busy, public restaurants or hotels.  If you’re stuck for ideas on snacks, lunches, dinners or teatime treats for workers or clients, this brief foodpanda guide could provide the solutions you seek!

Plan your next corporate dinners/team events or business meetings with foodpanda

Take time to browse some of our foodie suggestions below and host your next corporate dinner or team event in house using swift foodpanda deliveries for all your meals or snacks:

  • Take a break from intense, stressful team meetings by treating all attendees to a delicious ice cream sundae, shared chocolate fondue snack, or amazing cake from your local Swensen’s outlet. Everyone loves a sweet treat, so your team members can relax for a short break and enjoy some of Singapore’s most popular desserts when you order in via foodpanda. A yummy break treat like this could provide the best brainstorming, problem-solving solutions and fixes needed!  What’s more, when you need snacks or a hot or cold buffet lunch delivered, the Swenson’s casual dining and sandwich solutions could be just what you’re looking for.
  • Hosting gourmet client or senior manager dinners in the workplace can provide the best surroundings for all types of confidential discussions, so ordering in from PS.Cafe could well be the food delivery needed by everyone. Check out the PS.Cafe menu online at foodpanda now.
  • Order in a range of mid-afternoon or teatime treats from Wine Mansion Bistro if your meeting is running late and it looks like workers will need to stay longer than usual. A quick bite to eat can revive flagging spirits and ensure meetings end on a high note. You’ll find fresh, healthy salads, hearty wraps and a variety of meat or veggie dishes at Wine Mansion Bistro, and you know you can depend on us to ensure your food delivery arrives at the scheduled time.

Discover more great corporate dinner/team event meal suggestions at foodpanda now!

Take time to browse our magazine to discover more ideas for snacks, meals and lunches. We’re always top when it comes to the foods Singaporeans and overseas visitors love to eat at work, in local restaurants and, of course, in the home!

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