foodpanda at Oktoberfest Asia 2015

foodpanda at Oktoberfest Asia 2015

Last week, foodpanda set up shop at Oktoberfest Asia 2015 with our Panda Wheel. The result? A dancing panda and loads of fun.

Oktoberfest Asia 2015

German food delivery


What is Oktoberfest, you ask? Here’s a little history lesson for you:

“The history of the Oktoberfest begins with the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen on 17 October 1810. The townspeople were so enthusiastic that they named the meadow, where the wedding festivities took place, after the bride, calling it ‘Theresienwiese.’ The festival continued to take place in the following years. That explains why local citizens and Oktoberfest devotees refer to the festival merely as the ‘Wies’n’. The festival grew more, and thus more people came to it, first from the Bavarian countryside and later from the whole of Germany. Before long it was an international event.

There have been attempts at re-creating the event in Singapore. Oktoberfest Asia will be the 1st Authentic one in Asia. Oktoberfest Asia will be the 1st traditional festival in Singapore, with Authentic Bavarian beers, a true Munchen band, gourmet Bavarian food and an atmosphere and decoration enjoyed in Munich but a party in Asia. Das Original!”

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Pretty cool that we got to be a part of the first ever Oktoberfest in Asia!

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