From divine donuts to French delights: Singapore’s best pastry takeouts

From divine donuts to French delights: Singapore’s best pastry takeouts

Rich, buttery, and oh-so-delightful-who can resist the pastries delivery available in foodpanda Singapore? The pastry we know today may have originated in Europe, but you don’t need to travel far to get delicious delicacies. In fact, you don’t need to travel at all. Here are the five best pastry takeouts in Singapore that deliver straight to your door!

1. Paul

One of the best pastry chains in the country, Paul has its origins in 19th century France. It only hit Singapore around 8 years ago, but this boulangerie has already become a fast favourite for lovers of authentic French desserts. The array of pastries on their menu seemingly has no end, ranging from tartes filled with fruit and cream to airy and decadent millefeuilles. To ensure every pastry tastes just right, the chefs at Paul even go the extra mile to make their own butter and jam.

2. Délifrance

Next on the list is another popular pastry chain: Délifrance. Here, you’ll find every French favourite you can think of-butter croissants, madeleines, eclairs and more. Of all the sweet treats, we think the peach, strawberry, and mixed fruit tarts are some of the most delicious. One thing that sets this restaurant apart from the competition is that you can get your pastry fix here even when you’re not in the mood for sugar. Their savoury menu includes a range of pastry options, including quiche and croissant sandwiches.

3. J.CO Donuts & Coffee

Want something fancier than Singapore’s donut chains have to offer? Check out the divine pastries from J.CO Donuts & Coffee. This restaurant specialises in doughy goodness, but their offerings are far from the original glazed you’re used to. The signature J. Club Red Velvet donut, for example, features layers of sweetened cream cheese and a candied-nut crumble topping. Other popular coatings on the menu include sliced toasted almonds, chocolate cornflakes, and cookie crumbs.

4. Windowsill Pies

It can be tempting to keep pastry treats all to yourself, but sometimes the experience is best shared with your loved ones. When it comes to sharing pastries, nothing beats a good old-fashioned shortcrust pie. If you want to skip the baking and get one delivered to your door, Windowsill Pies has what you’re looking for. Deviating from the usual apple and cherry pies, these tarte-like offerings come in a range of unique flavours. Try the tangy Strawberry Lemon Pie for a refreshingly fruity dessert, or get your dose of chocolate with the pudding-filled S’mores Pie.

5. Sunlife Durian

Durian could be described as Singapore’s most polarising food, but if you’re a fan of it, you’ll love the pastries delivery available in foodpanda Singapore from Sunlife Durian. This restaurant specialises in the intensely flavoured fruit, working it into everything from eclairs to puffs to macarons. If you’re still trying to convince your friends and family of Durian’s wonders, these sweet treats could be a great first introduction.

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