How Yusheng is giving sushi a run for its money

How Yusheng is giving sushi a run for its money

Nothing tastes better than fresh fish paired with crunchy vegetables. The next time you’re craving fresh seafood, try Yusheng. Similar to sushi but superior in so many different ways, this dish is bound to hit all of the right notes.

Why Yusheng is so popular

Yusheng originates from the Canton region in China. This dish, also known as ‘prosperity toss’, hasbeen eaten in the region since the late 1800s. Once Westerners discovered the dish, it quickly became a favourite and was available in maritime regions worldwide by the late 1960s.

The Chinese word for fish, Yu, also means a rise in abundance. As a result, Yusheng is typically served in Cantonese restaurants during the Chinese New Year, especially in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. However, some eateries serve the dish year-round. The most common version is made with seven differently coloured fish.

How to prepare this fish dish

All chefs have their own variations on Yusheng but maintain the dish’s basic elements. Fresh fish is sliced into long, thin strips, which are then marinated in a simple soy sauce or left as is. The fish is then artfully arranged in a large flat bowl. Fresh and crunchy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, radish and carrot are finely sliced and placed around the fish. The contrast between the fish and vegetable textures and variety of sauces and condiments used to flavour the dish make it an attractive alternative to sushi.

Although this dish most commonly comprises fish such as salmon or tuna, there are additional vegan options that use a soy tofu replacement. The tofu is sliced into ribbons before being marinated. In addition to choosing your preferred protein, you can also choose the sauce. Opt for a soy, plum or hoisin sauce with your salad.

Where to try it

When deciding where to eat Yusheng, it’s important to choose a high-quality restaurant. As the fish you’re eating is raw, make sure to look for a restaurant that adheres to the appropriate hygiene practices.

Try the tasty Prosperity Abalone Yusheng at A-One Signature or the Salmon Prosperity Salad at Putien.

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