Meet the winners of the foodpanda scholarship 2016: Jemie Then & Zhen Zhen Lee

Meet the winners of the foodpanda scholarship 2016: Jemie Then & Zhen Zhen Lee

The foodpanda scholarship 2016 finished on Friday 30th September 2016. The foodpanda scholarship committee has awarded students Jemie Then Lu Yi and Zhen Zhen Lee with the first prize – $3,000 – and the possibility to implement their vision during an internship at our offices. The two students from Singapore Management University have provided an excellent marketing plan for our magazine and many useful insights on the online food industry. We have invited them to our office to receive the prize and had a short interview with them. Read what they have to say about their victory!

Hi Jemie and Zhen Zhen, congratulations on winning the 2016 Foodpanda Singapore scholarship! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and introduce to our readers? 

We are final year undergraduate students majoring in Marketing in Singapore Management University. We have been good friends for a solid 9 years and we go a long way back where we attended the same secondary school, junior college and university. Although we have different personalities and hobbies, we share a common strong interest in the field of marketing where we enjoy dabbling in the aspect of branding and generating big ideas.

Why did you apply for the foodpanda Scholarship apart from the monetary compensation?

We came across this opportunity through an e-mailer sent to our school email accounts. As foodies, we are well aware of the foodpanda brand and the idea of working on a food-related challenge appealed greatly to us. Above that, we felt the topic albeit challenging, was a relevant and timely one to work on considering the current competitive digital age that we live in.

What did you enjoy the most while creating the work?
We had tons of fun during the idea generation process. We agreed to let our creative juices flow without putting any restrictions on our thinking, and were thus able to come up with a few breakthrough insights. Developing the big idea from our insights was also particularly satisfying.

Apart from winning the award, which personal achievement of yours makes you proud?
Jemie: I used to have lots of doubts and lack the confidence to venture into something out of my comfort zone. Therefore, I consider it a personal achievement whenever I take that first step into trying something new. Along the years, I think I have gotten used to focusing on the process than the thought of failure. After all, sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.

Zhen: To be honest, there isn’t a particular personal achievement i am especially proud of. Instead, I am proud of attaining numerous milestones and learning from them along the years which eventually brought me to where I am today. I would see each milestone as a motivation to push me to the next, regardless of whether it was a leadership appointment, award achievement or lessons learnt from a failure. I feel every blunder made is considered a milestone towards success and the real achievement lies in picking ourselves up after each failure.

Why do you think it is important for young people to be supported during their studies?
We are all at an age full of changes and uncertainties. A scholarship opportunity is a form of motivation to push one to do better in order to achieve financial independence. Moreover, scholarships in the form of a competition allows one to challenge him or herself, learn to work with others and discover one’s potential.

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What are your career goals after University? Anything concrete lined up?
Jemie: I am looking for opportunities in the area of brand management.

Zhen: I have nothing concrete lined up but I’m currently on the lookout for marketing opportunities in the beauty or fragrance industry.

What would you recommend future students applying for scholarships with foodpanda?
Firstly, there is absolutely no need for fanciful or complex ideas to break through the clutter. Instead, spend time developing a compelling insight that truly resonates with your target market. Secondly, explore foreseeable trends and leverage on them to create opportunities in the market. Lastly, be fearlessly creative and engaging when presenting your ideas.

Apart from your studies what are your main interests and passions?
Jemie: I have a passion for brand management, social media engagement, digital marketing and e-commerce. Serious things aside, I enjoy sports, and local food (of course).

Zhen: My passion lies in the branding aspect of marketing in the beauty and fragrance industry. In my free time, I love experimenting with new desserts and going on a food hunt.

Thank you Jemie and Zhen Zhen, we wish you all the best!

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