More than great ingredients: How to master Asian hotpot

More than great ingredients: How to master Asian hotpot

Easy to prepare and easy to share, Asian hotpot is the perfect communal dish when you want no-fuss entertaining. And it’s so versatile that you can use your favourite seasonal ingredients.

Features of Asian hotpot

While styles of hotpot vary throughout Asia and even between households, there’s one golden rule. You only ‘hotpot’ with people you like! Asian hotpot is supremely social, as not only are you gathered around the table with friends and family, you’re cooking your meal together. Common features are dipping ingredients, a hearty and tasty broth and noodles.

How to make an Asian hotpot

Differences in Asian hotpots are governed, to some extent, by geography. In cold northern China, lamb is the main ingredient, while fresh seafood and fish are the focus in coastal regions. Mongolian hotpot is known for the goji berries, jujubes and mixed herbs of its broth. This broth is, of course, the base of the hotpot. Once it is simmering nicely, you cook your dipping ingredients at the table. These ingredients are entirely up to you, but can include lamb, pork, chicken, oysters or squid. Vegetables, ranging from leafy greens to meaty mushrooms and colourful tomatoes, may also be included. Side dishes of noodles provide your carbohydrates, making Asian hotpot a totally balanced meal.

What equipment do I need to make Asian hotpot?

The most vital piece of equipment for making Asian hotpot is a portable butane gas or electric burner that sits on your tabletop. For a large party, you might even need a couple of burners. On top of the heat source sits the broth pot. The most versatile of broth pots have a divider in the middle so that you can have two different broths on the go at the same time. You also need chopsticks, mini-tongs, strainers, spoons, shallow bowls for serving and small bowls for sauces.

Hotpot party etiquette

Arrange similar raw ingredients such as meat or vegetables on large plates ready for cooking, when the fun really starts. Try to keep track of your ingredients as they simmer away, and if you’re not sure something’s yours, ask politely. Don’t fish around with chopsticks to get food out, use the small strainers or mini-tongs instead. If two broths are on the go, especially for health or allergy reasons, never put the same piece of food into both sections. At the end of the day, however, it’s about fun, so you could also make up your own rules as you go along!

Discover Asian hotpot in Singapore restaurants

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