Panini bread: the perfect foil for mozzarella, ham, and tomatoes

Panini bread: the perfect foil for mozzarella, ham, and tomatoes

Crispy, crunchy and delicious panini bread makes the ultimate sandwich. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you prefer a savoury sandwich, the panini is one of the most versatile types of bread in the world.

The inspiration behind this delectable baked treat

Panini bread was first mentioned in an Italian cookbook in the 16th century. However, they only really started gaining popularity in the 1970s, when these types of sandwiches were served in Milanese bars. Although they were a common feature in restaurants in Italy for centuries, they only made their appearance in American cuisine in 1956 once the influx of Italian immigrants settled and started sharing their home food favourites.

The word panini means small bread or bread roll in Italian, which is exactly what it is. However, many people will use the term panini to refer to any kind of sandwich, even if it is not really a panini in the traditional sense.

How they are made

Bakers who prepare panini bread often use a ciabatta base to prepare their bread rolls. This type of bread is made from wheat flour, olive oil, salt, water and yeast. This is then mixed together to form a dough that is then kneaded for up to 20 minutes. Ciabatta dough is often rather tacky but this results in a light and fluffy dough. The dough is then separated into individual portions that are baked in a hot oven.

This type of bread makes one of the most delicious sandwiches that you will ever taste. Fill the bread roll with halloumi cheese, lettuce and cured meats. Alternatively, you could spread your roll with salty butter, preserved figs and camembert for a decadent sweet and savoury treat. After you have picked your toppings you can eat your sandwich as it is or place it in a panini press for melted cheese toasty deliciousness.

Where to treat yourself to a panini

It’s important to note that many restaurants will state that they serve paninis. However, when you visit the establishment you may find that it’s offering just a normal sliced bread sandwich that has been toasted in a panini press. To ensure that you are getting the real deal, make sure to visit an Italian restaurant that bakes the bread in-house. This way you are able to experience the real deal.

For the ultimate panini bread treat, visit your local sandwich shop and order yourself a refreshing soda to complement the sandwich. The only difficult part will be deciding whether or not you should stick to one or if you are going to go big.

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