Perfect Match: Gānbēi to the Rooster New Year with These 8 Wines

Perfect Match: Gānbēi to the Rooster New Year with These 8 Wines

It seems like the festive season just keeps going, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve just having passed us! The year of the Rooster is up next, and with all the sweet treats, decadent dishes and even perhaps some nosey relatives abound, you will need some liquid courage to keep you going. Want to show off your boozy knowledge with more than just drinking games? We recommend 8 different wines to serve to your family and friends this Chinese New Year, that’ll display your refined taste as well as get everyone in a merry mood!

1. Domaine Heimbourger Pinot Noir 2013



One that’s an easy drink for the beginner and greatly appreciated by the more seasoned drinker, this Burgundy red wine is smooth, it makes for a delightful match with poultry and game meat dishes. Since the reunion dinner will typically include a wide variety of meats and vegetables, like spinach in superior broth, this wine is probably a safe bet when it comes to complementing those dishes due to its versatility.

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2. Bordeaux Graves Château Callac Tradition Blanc 2011



Need something to get everyone to warm up to one another (especially when you’re inviting different groups of friends)? This wine is complex and elegant with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. It’s a good choice for allowing strangers to strike up a conversation while sipping on some exquisite wine. Alternatively, if you wish to serve the wine with your meal, it would best to be complemented by meaty and oily fish like tuna, snapper and mackerel.

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3. Vina Santiago Chardonnay 2015



Don’t want to break the bank trying to impress the crowd? Fret not; this wine has all the fruitiness of honeydew melon, stone fruit and white blossoms. It’s dry with good acidity and leaves the palate with a zesty, mineral finish. We reckon it’ll make a good pair with dishes that are sauce-heavy or have depth to its flavours, like baby kailan in oyster sauce, prawns with butter sauce or steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce.

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4. Kangaroo Vineyard Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015



Another great pour for those on a budget! This bottle is elegant and aromatic, without being overpowering. It has notes of peach and lime, all fusing together to create a long, fresh and crisp finish. This will be a favourite at the table as it can match well with hot favourites like vegetable lo mein, tang yuan (sweet rice balls) and sweet and sour chicken.

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5. Shingleback The Gate Shiraz, McLaren Vale, Australia


This wine has scored top points across all its vintages and is undoubtedly a rich and intense choice. For you and/or your guests who like a little power in their pour, give them a taste of this to go with any beef dish you may be serving. Alternatively, if cow isn’t on the menu, pair this with recipes that traditionally go with sauce-dense recipes and gamier meat options like ginger spring onion venison and Teochew braised duck.

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6. G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge NV



Nothing screams ‘celebration’ more than a glass of bubbly, and we all are familiar with G.H. Mumm and its signature red ribbon label. There are hints of lemon, stone fruits, green apple and cashew, with a rich palate that is beautifully balanced. Assembled from a blend of over 70 Crus from at least 5 different vintages, this is one of the best examples of non-vintage champagne around. Pop this baby pre-feasting to get the festive mood going!

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7. Viu Manent Estate Collection Reserva Malbec 2014



This wine is deep and intense with its purple-red colour. It has outstanding fresh and fruity aromas recalling wild blackberries, red fruits, violet notes, and a hint of spice on the nose (great for Asian dishes, we say!). The palate is fresh, light, and fruity, with round tannins and a long and pleasing finish. Best complemented by dishes like Chinese beef and broccoli and braised pork leg, we believe the hungry carnivores at the table are going to ask for second helpings of this!

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8. Luis Cañas Rioja Crianza 2012



As if Asian cooking wasn’t exotic enough, throw your guests off by introducing them to a Spanish number. This wine highlights its fruitiness with hints of strawberry and banana, appear memories, vanilla, cedar wood, litter, along with balsamic notes. The result is dense, powerful tannins that round off at the finish. Don’t be afraid to serve this with richer dishes like fatt choy ho see (black moss with dried oysters) or roasted pork as this bottle will not disappoint.

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