Singapore National Day

Singapore National Day

“Singaporeans, if I can choose an analogy, we are the hard disk of a computer, the foreign talents are the megabytes you add to your storage capacity. So your computer never hangs because you got enormous storage capacity.” – Lee Kuan Yew

The mark of a truly independent nation lies in its diversity and that is what Singapore is all about. On 9th August 1965, Singapore breathed the air of freedom when it became an independent republic following an ejection from Malaysia. The country’s economic infrastructure was developed, racial tension was eliminated and an independent national defense system was created. It was a day when there was joy in the hearts of every citizen and immense love for the nation. With this marked the development and journey of a nation that Singapore is now and what it is capable of becoming in the future. 

Since then, 9th of August is marked as the National Day and is celebrated with immense joy and happiness every year with military parades, performances and breathtaking fireworks which you don’t want to miss. 

Singapore is especially renowned for its seafood. Chili crab and black pepper crab are two quintessential dishes that dominate the scene and are greatly recommended to tourists. Another favorite is the sambal stingray. 

All though it is very difficult to point out which is the most common and popular dish in Singapore given the fact that the food diversity of the nation is amazingly vast, in the meat category, however, Hainanese chicken rice is the most popular dish. It is traditionally made to restore the natural taste of the ingredients used. It is simple yet has its own history. This traditional dish in Singapore is mostly what tourists love to have and it never gets old. This is a dish that consists of succulent steamed white chicken cut into bite-size pieces and served on fragrant rice with some light soy sauce. The dish is topped with sprigs of coriander leaf and sesame oil and accompanied by a garlic-chili dip and cucumber cuts on the side. 

Every ingredient used in this recipe is actually made from scratch for the Singaporeans believe in keeping the authenticity into their own hands. This dish is an adaptation from early Chinese immigrants originally from Hainan province in southern China. It is based on a well-known Hainanese dish called Wenchang chicken, which is one of four important Hainan dishes dating to the Qin dynasty. 

Hainanese chicken rice is considered one of Singapore’s national dishes. It is eaten “everywhere, every day” in Singapore and is a “ubiquitous sight in hawker centers across the country”. So the next time you visit Singapore to witness the glories that the nation has to offer, celebrate its fight for Freedom with a dish full of Hainanese chicken rice to explore the other side of the Nations taste to simplicity and glorifying destiny!

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