Snacks with sex appeal – the decadent story behind truffle cheese fries

Snacks with sex appeal – the decadent story behind truffle cheese fries

Truffle cheese fries, associated with decadence and luxury, have become essential sides and snacks at many restaurants. Find out more about truffles and the emergence of truffle oil in this foodie briefing.

Truffles, truffle oil and truffle cheese fries

Decadent truffles are a global, gourmet delicacy known for their high prices. Like some caviar, truffles are rare because it can be difficult to grow them commercially. In ancient Rome, truffles were believed to enhance the sex drive and were used as an aphrodisiac. Whereas the advent of truffle oil makes it easy for most consumers to eat truffle-flavoured foods, the quality of the oil varies tremendously. Many are synthetically produced, without a hint of actual truffle.

Truffles have always been an elite, gourmet menu selection, particularly in French kitchens, where they’re considered the ‘diamonds of any store cupboard’. With the development of truffle oil, their unique taste is available to the masses.

Truffle cheese fries have been around for at least 20 years now. They’re said to have originated at San Diego’s Pamplemousse Grille, owned by Jeffrey Strauss. The Pamplemousse dish, which features black truffles and white truffle oil, has been a hit. Here in Singapore, truffle cheese fries are available at a variety of eateries. Look for those using the highest quality oils.

How it’s made

Truffle cheese fries consist of potato or sweet potato fries drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan or another cheese. Some restaurants also serve gourmet truffles in the dish.

If you’d like to treat yourself to this decadent snack to at home, rest assured that it takes just a few minutes to prepare and bake. You can also eat truffle cheese fries as a side. They’re a superb accompaniment to steak.

Spoil the family tonight by serving up truffle cheese fries snacks

Once you acquire a taste for delicious truffle fries, you’ll want to eat them more regularly. You’ll be delighted to discover just how easy they are to make. However, you can also order them in from local restaurants.

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