Taking Tokyo to Tijuana – Sushi burritos are the ultimate fusion food

Taking Tokyo to Tijuana – Sushi burritos are the ultimate fusion food

Combining two of the world’s favourite cuisines-Mexican and Japanese-the sushi burrito brings both together in a hybrid dish you’re sure to love. Here’s all you need to know about this trendy fusion food.

An Asian-Latin fusion

Fusion foods have been taking the world by storm for years, from the famous cronut (croissant meets donut) to the surprising ramen burger. Now, the sushi burrito has joined the team. It’s unclear exactly where this dish originated from, but it’s been a big hit in the US for almost a decade. Given how popular Mexican and Japanese food are, it’s no surprise that innovative chefs decided to combine the two. In fact, its success was even predicted several years ago when a food industry analytics company proclaimed that “burrito-inspired” foods would be big in the future.

Sushi burritos are a lot like a longer, fatter version of the sushi you’re used to, but one big difference is their fillings. While lots of sushi burritos come with traditional fillings like raw salmon or tofu, many restaurants have reimagined what sushi is all about by introducing new and unique ingredients. Many are inspired by Mexican cuisine, trading tuna for spicy beef, bell peppers for piquillo peppers, and soy sauce for sriracha. Other restaurants abandon the original cuisines entirely, adding everything from fries to curry. These filling options are a great choice if raw fish puts you off regular sushi.

Same sushi, different shape

These burritos are made almost exactly like regular sushi, bar the final step of cutting. First, the chef cooks up a special variety of sticky rice, seasoning it with sushi vinegar. Next, layers of seaweed (known as ‘nori’ in Japan) are laid out onto a bamboo sushi rolling mat. Sushi burritos use more layers of seaweed than traditional sushi to make them fat and full. The chef spreads a generous layer of rice onto this seaweed before adding the fillings of choice. Finally, the sushi is rolled into its burrito form, the chef taking care to enwrap all the fillings without tearing the seaweed.

The perfect grab-and-go meal

The compact, handheld shape of sushi burritos make them the perfect lunch. You can eat them at home, in your office, or on the go without any mess or fuss. Plus, the ingredients inside are often nutritious, and the combination of carbs and protein will provide you with plenty of energy for the rest of the day. Of course, you can also enjoy sushi burritos for breakfast or dinner-and they’re perfect for children’s fumbling fingers too.

Where to try this trend

If your tummy is already rumbling at the thought of enjoying this fusion delicacy, get a delivery from Kinsa Sushi. There, you’ll find three varieties to choose from-and even the option of sushi tacos!

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