The perfect party pairings: Understanding beer and food combos

The perfect party pairings: Understanding beer and food combos

Which food goes well with beer is a source of debate among foodies, who are always seeking the perfect marriage of tastes. Here are some food and beer couplings worth sampling.

Seafood risotto and pilsener

Please your gustatory senses with a delectable seafood risotto made with saffron, monkfish, prawns, mussels and squid. The addition of carrots, leeks and celery make the dish a great match with beer. Pilsener is a natural companion to seafood. Unlike white wine, which sometimes competes for attention, this beer is light and less demanding. Saaz hops give it a boost that creates a harmonious dining experience when paired with fish dishes. The rice in seafood risotto makes it a perfect grain-to-grain match with beer.

Kung Pao chicken and IPA

As IPAs tend to have a strong, bitter flavour of hops, they suit spicey, fried foods. Drink IPA before your main dish to give your palette a cleanse in preparation for the yummy flavours. IPAs go especially well with Kung Pao chicken. This lovely Sichuan dish is made using fried peanuts, chilli peppers, Chinese chilli oil, Sichuan peppercorn powder and chicken legs. While they’re not excessively spicy, the chilli peppers wake up your tastebuds, making them more receptive to other flavours such as IPA’s bitterness. Sip your beer after a mouthful to explore the delectable merger.

Cochinita pibil (spicy Mexican pulled pork) and Corona

Slow-cooked pulled pork is made even tastier with the addition of fresh orange juice, red onion, lime juice, habanero peppers and guajillo chilli peppers. This hearty, meal pairs well with Corona thanks to the beer’s lime undertones. Corona also soothes your palate after bites of this deliciously hot and spicy dish, readying you for another mouthful of pleasure.

Garlic butter steak and brown ale

Another food that goes well with beer is garlic steak. This simple dish can be cooked to your taste, but medium-rare is most highly recommended. Butter, flavoured with minced garlic, parsley and soya sauce, is then drizzled over the cooked steak. Since these flavours are pretty strong, slightly sweet and aromatic brown ale is an ideal match. It holds its own against the demanding garlic flavours and earthy ruggedness of the cooked steak.

Triple chocolate cheesecake and stout

Dessert may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to deciding which food goes well with beer. However, the coupling of stout and chocolate cheesecake is a must-try. Enjoy a slice of this dessert washed down with a frothy stout for a unique taste sensation. Stout’s coffee-like tastes go well with sweet desserts, especially those that contain chocolate.

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