The right way to experience an authentic Japanese sushi party

The right way to experience an authentic Japanese sushi party

Easy to eat with fingers or chopsticks, sushi is the perfect food to serve at fun get-togethers with friends or family. In fact, it may be the ultimate potluck choice for foodies. If cuisines from around the world intrigue you and you’re keen to experience a Japanese-themed lunch or dinner, take a look at these tips on how to organise a sushi party at home.

How to organise a sushi party at home

Plan for four to eight people if you’re going to make your own sushi or get your guests to help prepare the dishes. If the sushi is being delivered from your favourite local restaurant, then the more you invite, the greater the fun. Order a mix of fish and vegetable sushi, making sure you have plenty of chopsticks and a good choice of condiments. Don’t forget to stock up on sake to drink. Now the fun can begin.

What is sushi?

Traditionally, sushi is made from sheets of vinegared medium-grain white rice with sugar and salt added. The rice is then rolled around raw (sushi-grade) seafood, cooked meats, vegetables or even fruit. While fillings and presentations can vary widely, it’s not true sushi without the ‘sushi rice’.

Foods and sauces that complement sushi

Spicy dipping sauces perfectly complement the fresh flavours of sushi. Put bowls of soy sauce, pickled ginger slices and punchy wasabi within easy reach of your guests. A good accompaniment, especially to fish sushi, is steamed edamame topped with flakes of sea salt. Finally, prepare a couple of Japanese salads using crisp lettuce, sliced radishes and spring onions, cherry tomatoes and shredded carrot. Top with a miso-based dressing.

The Japanese etiquette of sushi parties

Following the correct etiquette of Japanese sushi parties will give yours an authentic feel. Most importantly, remember to always serve your guests before yourself! You will, of course, be using wooden chopsticks, so be sure to follow these rules: never leave them standing upright in food, don’t use them to pass food, don’t point with them or cross them in an ‘X’ shape and never let their ends touch the table. Instead, use a chopstick stand or their wrapper. Phew – you don’t want to offend anyone!

Should I make my own or buy sushi rolls?

Although making your own sushi is a time-consuming process, getting a few friends together to make it in your kitchen definitely adds a unique element to the party. If you’d rather dive straight in to eating the sushi and catching up with your friends and their news, don’t worry, there are plenty of sushi restaurants in Singapore. They’ll bring your favourite dishes right to your door. For deliciously fresh flavours, there’s Umisushi, while Itacho Sushi sources its ingredients from Japanese specialists, so you know it’s going to deliver a true taste of Japan.

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