These SG standouts bring Indonesia’s famous dishes to your dining room

These SG standouts bring Indonesia’s famous dishes to your dining room

If you’re unsure what to cook for dinner, why not place an order at restaurants delivering Indonesian food in SG? This delectable cuisine is characterised by sumptuous flavours and an abundance of different dishes. The only difficult part is choosing a restaurant that caters to your tastes.

Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut

This is one of the most trendy restaurants offering Indonesian foods. They specialise in several main courses and soup dishes. Be sure to try the original smashed fried chicken with rice. This spicy chicken dish is served with tempeh and tofu as well as a side salad. Alternatively, you could opt for the whole duck cooked in a salty sauce and served with rice, a salad and your choice of vegetables.

Ayam Penyet President

If you’re looking for restaurants delivering Indonesian food in SG that offer an authentic experience, you are bound to love Ayam Penyet President. This restaurant offers diners a diverse array of choices including beef, chicken and seafood dishes. Those of you looking for a light lunch may enjoy the sayur asam, a soup made from tamarind, green beans, baby corn and peanuts. For something a little more substantial, order yourself a portion of empal kreuk. This is a beef dish fried in a sweet and spicy sauce and served with crispy croutons, a bean cake and tofu.

Al-Amin Food Paradise

When exploring restaurants delivering Indonesian food in SG you may be looking for something a little different, and this is exactly what you’ll find at Al-Amin Food Paradise. This fusion restaurant offers the opportunity to choose between authentic Indonesian and Indian dishes. Some of the iconic treats that you should be sure to indulge in include maggie goreng. A popular street food, it consists of instant noodles cooked in a piquant sauce and served with grilled meats and vegetables. Other options include their nasi goreng ayam, a noodle dish made with chicken cubes, shrimp, cucumbers and tomatoes to create the perfect comfort food.

Pondok Jawa Timur

Those of you who visit Pondok Jawa Timur may feel like you are sneaking into the dining room of a local Indonesian family. Their dishes are tasty and home-made. Order the soto ayam, a soup made with boiled eggs, tender chicken and turmeric broth. Another excellent option at this restaurant is the gulai kepala ikan. This clay pot dish consists of fish heads and chunky vegetables cooked until falling from the bone in a tasty and fragrant curry sauce.

Warung Kampung

Warung Kampung is one of the restaurants delivering Indonesian food in SG that makes placing an order quick and easy. They offer a wide variety of different meal sets. Try the rendang chicken set to enjoy the flavourful chicken, sambal belechan and perfectly fried egg. Another alternative is the green chilli fish set served with rice, sambals and fish that’s flaky and spicy in all the right ways.

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