Vitamin-rich, lactose free, and vegan – why we’re falling in love with oat milk

Vitamin-rich, lactose free, and vegan – why we’re falling in love with oat milk

Noticed your favourite café proclaiming that they now serve oat milk? Almost overnight, this plant-based beverage has swept the nation. Whether you’re a curious plant milk lover or you’re considering taking your first dip into the non-dairy world, here’s why you should try oat milk.

What’s all the hype about?

Non-dairy milk is not a new idea in Singapore. In fact, our country was named the world’s second-highest consumer of soymilk in 2011. Then, new plant milks like rice milk and almond milk began to take centre stage-but none has been as popular as oat milk. But why exactly is it so hyped? Well, there are several reasons. First, oat milk has a more neutral taste than nut milks like almond or cashew, so it never overpowers the beverage it’s mixed with. It also has the closest texture to cow’s milk and never curdles in iced drinks. Plus, its high fat content makes it creamy and just right for steaming in coffee. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also healthy! It’s packed with nutrients and 35% of your daily calcium recommendation. It has more protein than any other plant milk, making it the perfect sugar-free pick-me-up. Delicious, rich in vitamins, free from lactose, and suitable for vegans-what’s not to like?

How do you get milk from an oat?

When people hear about oat milk for the first time, most have one big question on their minds: how do you get milk from an oat? Simply put, oat milk is made by extracting the plant material from the oat grains using water. On a commercial scale, this usually means milling the oats, using enzymes to break down the starches, and separating the bran. Oat milk can also be made at home by blending 1 part oats to 4 parts water (or 3 parts for a thicker milk), then straining the milk with cheesecloth. Many cafés use this method to make their milk on-site.

How to get your dose

Just like regular milk, there are so many ways to enjoy this oat-based beverage. It makes a deliciously smooth replacement for cow’s milk and other plant milks in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies and milkshakes. On the cooking front, you can substitute it into any baking recipe of your choice, including cakes and pancakes. Since this milk has a neutral flavour rather than a sweet one, you can also use it in numerous savoury recipes like mac and cheese or soup. If you love the flavour, you can even drink it straight from the glass.

Where to enjoy it

Fancy making oat milk part of your next delivery? You can order it in a milkshake from Shake Farm, a cold brew coffee from Bootstrap Beverages or a tea latte from Grids & Circles Café.

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