What to eat on Singapore National Day

What to eat on Singapore National Day

Celebrated on August 9th, Singapore National Day is a celebration of a small but mighty country. Since gaining independence from Malaysia in 1965, the people of Singapore have proven time and again that the small island nation is a world power to be reckoned with.

With a parade, an address from the prime minister and an awe-inspiring firework display, National Day is a time for Singaporeans to celebrate the culture & history of their island nation. The day is built around the National Day Parade (also known as the NDP). The parade’s theme this year is “Our Singapore”. Drawing on themes of the struggles of past generations to build the Singapore we know and love today and for future generations.

The song and video for this year’s NDP theme features 27 Singaporean musicians like JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun and Rahimah Rahim, as well as a diverse cast of 300+ Singaporeans of all ages. The National Day Rally is held the second Sunday after each National Day. The Prime Minister issues his annual speech, commemorating the occasion, reflecting on the cultural issues of the day, and looking to the country’s future ahead. 

Celebrating National  Day in Singapore Style

This day marks a celebration of Singapore culture, and the celebrations go on long into the night, so good old Singaporean breakfast of Kaya toast & eggs is in order to start the day – Order yours from Koufu

Singapore will be a sea of red and white, as the flags are raised & displayed on every street corner. Tickets to the parade are assigned to residents of Singapore on a ballot basis between May and June. If you have a ticket to the parade, now is the time to take your seat at the Padang to watch the dancing, marches, ceremonies, and spectacle of the NDP. 

The day will end, as always, with a spectacular display of fireworks set against the city skyline over the Marina Waterfront, as well as a multitude of National Day post-parade parties to attend.

What to eat on Singapore National Day

So, what should you eat to celebrate such a momentous day? Food is at the centre of Singapore culture, so choosing something authentically Singaporean is a must:

For a truly Singaporean food experience though, food from the hawker markets is a must. After the excitement of the day, you don’t even have to endure the hustle and bustle of a Hawker market to enjoy the tasty food – just order your hawker food on foodpanda!

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