Why home-cooked chicken pot pie is this year’s greatest comfort dish

Why home-cooked chicken pot pie is this year’s greatest comfort dish

Chicken pot pie may never be a contender for the world’s greatest gourmet meal, but this truly is a sublime dish. The combination of chicken in a creamy sauce, perhaps with added leeks and bacon, and topped with golden, flaky pastry is deliciously comforting, whatever the weather, wherever you happen to be. Check out our round-up of chicken pot pie benefits below to discover more!

When’s best to eat chicken pot pie

Yummy chicken pot pie is a filling meal to share with family and friends at any time, particularly when chill winds are forecast or rain is beating at your windows. If you’re lazy – like us- use frozen puff pastry for the topping, and you’ll then discover this dish just takes minutes to whip up. The great thing about chicken pot pie is that it gives an instant lift when life is getting you down. Next time you’ve been overlooked for promotion at work or you’re worried about a friend or family member, take time to prepare this hearty, comforting dish and learn to put your stresses behind you.

How it’s made

Another benefit of chicken pot pie is that you can use leftovers from your Sunday roasts to make the dish. Simply freeze any leftover chicken until you feel the urge or craving for pie, then mix up a creamy white sauce for your meat. Add some fried leeks, chopped bacon pieces, onions, mushrooms… whatever takes your fancy. Then pour your creamy sauce into a pie dish. Roll out some puff pastry for the topping and glaze with a little beaten egg yolk. Pop it in the oven and wait for your yummy pie to bake!

How to eat chicken pot pie

This comforting pie is best served with buttery mash and heaps of steamed, green veggies, but it’s also delicious with fries or jacket potatoes. If you’re eating alone, you can easily keep leftover pie in the chiller or even freeze a couple of portions for the next time you’re feeling blue. Turn up the stereo and play some of your favourite, uplifting music tracks while you’re dining and any worries you have will be fading away by the time you finish your meal!

Can I order in chicken pot pie when I need it?

Yes, of course you can order pie deliveries from some of the best Singapore outlets when you need a quick comforting meal. We’re here to ensure your delicious pie is delivered to your door as soon as possible, so you can kick back and enjoy a glass of wine while waiting. Why not check out the menu at The Shepherd’s Pie for one of the best chicken and mash dishes in town? Alternatively, order some individual chicken pot pies with your next foodpanda grocery order?

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