10 Indian Restaurants That Serve Our Favorite Biryani Dishes

10 Indian Restaurants That Serve Our Favorite Biryani Dishes

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A staple of Indian cuisine, biryani is one of the most beloved mixed rice dishes around. In Singapore, you’ll find an incredible choice when it comes to this Indian favourite, whether you’re looking for an authentic prawn biryani recipe, or more intense and flavourful hyderabadi biryani recipes.

Find premium restaurants serving up this popular rice recipe in your neighbourhood. Here at foodpanda, we’re dedicated to bringing diners a premium pick of restaurant menus for when hunger strikes and they’re looking to order in. Browse our pick of ten of the best of this rice recipe favourite below:

1 Chicken Biryani @ Bokhara Biryani Kebab

Bokhara Biryani Kebab | foodpanda MagazineSource

Treat yourself to deliciously succulent chicken biryani dum, served up with saffron rice and a multitude of herbs and spices.

Address: 01-20 Fortuna Hotel Building, Singapore 218842
Contact: +65 8399 7795
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2 Mutton Biryani @ Arcot Nawab

Arcot Nawab | foodpanda MagazineSource

Nothing beats a great plate of biryani. Treat yourself to some of the best biryani in Singapore with this deliciously rich special from Arcot Nawab.

Address: 49 Chander Rd, Singapore 219547
Contact: +65 6392 1530
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3 Chicken Biryani @ Sher Bukit Timah

Sher Bukit Timah | foodpanda MagazineSource

Indulge the senses with this mouth-watering chicken biryani recipe, served up with basmatic rice, fried with a fiery assortment of spices.

Address: 25 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 779079
Contact: +65 8288 1040
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4 Pukhtunwa Murg @ Delhi 6

Delhi 6 | foodpanda MagazineSource

This delicious combination of rice and chicken is slow cooked to perfection, served up with fresh yogurt, papad and tangy chutney.

Address: Katong V Mall #01-12/13, Singapore 428751
Contact: +65 6342 0049
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5 Chicken Dum Biryani @ Anglo Indian Cafe

Anglo Indian Cafe | foodpanda MagazineSource

This chicken biryani recipe is made up of marinated chunks of delicate chicken, cooked with basmati ricce and in a sealed pot in a tandoori oven.

Address: 01-08, One Shenton, Singapore 068803
Contact: +65 6636 9411
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6 Curry Mutton @ Prata Wala Nex

Prata Wala Nex | foodpanda MagazineSource

Another mutton biryani special you have to try, this curried lamb dish is made with fragrant Indian spices and served with a rich curry base.

Address: NEX Mall, Singapore 556083
Contact: +65 6634 2910
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7 Veggie Specials @ Golden Chariot

Golden Chariot | foodpanda MagazineSource

Looking for a great veg biryani? Try this special dish from Golden Chariot restaurant. Fresh vegetables are cooked on dum, then served up with fragrant basmati rice.

Address: 482 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218149
Contact: +65 6291 4234
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8 Dum Mutton Biryani @ Zaffron Kitchen Westgate

Zaffron Kitchen Westgate | foodpanda MagazineSource

This magnificent mutton biryani recipe is served up with a choice of delicate chicken pieces or fresh lamb.

Address: 137 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428822
Contact: +65 6440 6786
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9 Dum Biryani Mutton @ Muthu’s Curry

Muthu's Curry | foodpanda MagazineSource

This mutton special is served up with long grain basmati, fresh mint and yogurt salad, plus an incredibly rich chicken gravy.

Address: 138 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218591
Contact: +65 6293 2389
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10 Aryaa Special @ Aryaa

Aryaa | foodpanda MagazineSource

This special dish from Aryaa contains an assortment of tender lamb, slow cooked with aromatic spices and layered with basmati rice.

Address: Diners Building, Singapore 199595
Contact: +65 62916009
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Ready to order? Take your pick from any of the must-try menus above, or take some time to browse any one of the hundreds of mouth-watering offerings foodpanda Singapore have in store for you.

What’s more, you’ll find an amazing range of cookery tips and tricks, along with essential guides and food news online at foodpanda magazine. Learn how to perfect an amazing hyderabadi biryani recipe from home, or stock up seasoning techniques to transform every home-cooked dish into something truly spectacular.

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